I Can NOT Wait to Get my ( .Y. ) Done! - San Antonio, TX

I'm 18 and have been wanting boobies since I knew...

I'm 18 and have been wanting boobies since I knew what boobies were!! I'm currently a 34b but that's with padding. I want to be a fullC small D. I did have a son and did breast feed him for a few months so that did deflate my boobs a bit. My PS is amazing and just can't wait to get my TA TA's!!!!!!!

My pre-op app

Today was my pre op app and I've decided to go with 450cc under the muscle. I can't wait for it to be my surgery day!! 7days and counting!!! July 16th 2013 is the day!!

Got them:D yesterday!!!

Yesterday was surgery day. It went amazing everyone was super nice and super professional. All in all I'm so happy!!

My doctor so far is amazing with understanding what I want and so friendly and very confident that she with meet my goals!!

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