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I'm currently looking for the best doctor to see...

I'm currently looking for the best doctor to see for silicone implants. I have my mind set on silicone implants because I am petite, 108 and I read that silicone implants are best for small framed patients. I also am concern about the feel (I want the most natural feel I can get) and I know saline feel pretty hard... at least that's what I have heard from other people.

I'm naturally a small b, 34b and I am hoping to go up to a D if it doesn't look ridiculous.

I went to go see Dr. Robert Young, about a week ago. It's true what most people say about him that he doesn't take time with his patients, explaining the procedure, or analyzing his patients breast and giving them input.... but that wasn't one of my MAJOR concerns, I've seen his work and I know he is one of the best doctors in San Antonio. My concern was the price, I feel 5,800 is too much... I know a doctor in Miami, who has very good reviews charges 4,800 for silicone.... so now I'm thinking of having a consultation with him. I am also having a consultation with a doctor in Austin and seeing how that goes.

Consultation with Dr. Mahlon Kerr, MD

So today I had my consultation with Dr. Kerr. Overall he was pretty thorough with the consultation (explaining the difference between each implant, what would be best for my frame, measuring my chest, and explaining the procedure). However I feel he overpriced me. He quoted me almost $5,500 which at least is $300 less than Young but I know on average he charges $5,000 for silicone implants. Sometimes even as low as $4,600. At the moment I'm leaning towards him but I'm also thinking of seeing a surgeon in Plano TX who might charge me less than Kerr.

Today I had my third consultation with Dr. Hochstein

So like the title says today I had my third consultation with Dr. Hochstein in Miami. I absolutely love his work, his results have been amazing one time after another so I was pretty anxious to speak to him. Naturally, I decided to have a phone consultation before flying to Miami. Overall, he was very easy to talk to. I didn't feel rushed at all (although I have a habit of rushing things). I asked him a couple of questions then patiently waited for the quote. Jennifer then quoted 5,600 up front or 5,900 in payments which still seemed a little pricey BUT reasonable considering the quality of his results. So I'm actually leaning towards him now. I'll see if I am able to afford to fly to Miami this year and if I am I will definitely pick him as my doctor because I adore his results.

Maybe not...

I'm beginning to second guess myself about this whole procedure, I guess my number one concern is it looking visually unpleasing after it is all said and done... I've ran into some pretty bad reviews about Dr. Hochstein and although I love his good work I would hate to be one of the bad reviews... I'm starting to question whether I should go along with it.

Gary Lawton

This review will be a little sketchy because I didn't write it right after meeting with Dr. Lawton. I had a consultation with Dr. Lawton in December 2015. one impression he made on me was that he REALLY cares about his professional reputation which is great because I know this means he will be striving for the best results. He was very informative during the procedure and I even had the opportunity to feel actual saline breasts which was great. he convinced me to go for saline implants instead of silicone. By the end of the consultation I was leaning towards 500cc's. I love his work but I am actually having so much difficultly deciding between him and Dr. Schaffer

Dr. Schaffer

Yesterday I had an appointment with Dr. Schaffer. Initially I was VERY nervous. I was dreading the idea of being charged for the consultation and being treated terribly but that was not the case at all. Everybody that works there, so far has been very kind and helpful to me. The representative in the front is super friendly and sweet. as soon as I saw Dr. Schaffer I felt comfortable with him. He's very down to earth and soft spoken. He sits downs with you and explains the process, he measures you, and let's you try the sizers and discusses what size and frame that would be best. I felt that my money was well spent. And now I'm just not sure who I will pick for my breast augmentation but I have to say I feel more comfortable with Dr. Schaffer.


Wish pics

Current size of breast

Johnny Franco consultation

I had a phone consultation with Dr. Franco today. We tried having a video consultation but unfortunately the video call kept failing. He's very easy to talk to, down to earth, seems to have a sense of humor. I was interested in having a breast augmentation with him since I was also interested in getting a butt lift. Unfortunately though, I don't think I have enough fat in my body for a noticeable difference. In his opinion I am very thin so that concerned me... Also he said that having a breast augmentation and butt lift is not impossible but difficult for healing successfully. So now I am hoping that I can maybe have non invasive liposuction in stubborn areas with Dr. Schaffer and a breast augmentation just to improve the over all appearance of my figure


So I'm super nervous about this procedure. I guess it doesn't help that my partner does not agree with me having a breast augmentation at all. I am very afraid I'll be unhappy with my results because I'm such a perfectionist. I definitely do not want my breast to have rippling, I know that would deeply depress me. I am also afraid I'll get capsular contracture. I am not comfortable with my small breast but they don't have rippling or contracture and honestly if I am going to end up with big full breast with rippling I would be incredibly unhappy. I would much rather stick to my small breast instead of having big full breast with rippling/contracture. I am holding off calling my surgeon for a surgery date because I want to make sure I am making the right decision.

Surgery date set: Dr. Schaffer, Saline Impants

So my doctor will be Dr. Schaffer. I am super nervous about this procedure... Spending money on something like this is nerve-wracking, I really hope I am satisfied with my results and I hope I don't end up regretting this but I just want to say bye bye to my stuffed push up bra's and finally have full big breast.

2nd day post

I was in unbearable pain the morning after surgery, I'm also worried that I went too big and I'm hoping it's just swelling and that they will eventually settle down to a considerable amount after a month or so

3rd day post op

Pain seems to minimize throughout the afternoon. My stomach definitely feels and looks a lot more bloated than usual. Tomorrow I'll be seeing Dr. Schaffer for the bandage removal

4th day post op (bandage removal)

Pain was not as bad as before this morning but I will continue to
Take my pain meds, specially since they will be taking my bandages off today and start with the massages

Post op day 4

Post op 4 pic 2

Post op day 5

My breast still feel super tight in the mornings (I can't wait until this no longer happens). Also, my breast feel numb from the right side,

Im starting to feel a little overwhelmed

Every time I wake up i feel like my breasts are about to pop. They're so heavy. Now every time I take any kind of medication. I began to feel dizzy and nauseous. I'm also starting to feel like my breasts are too big for my body frame. They look unusual to me. Like to big round rocks. I'm going they look better as time passes by. I also feel so
Bloated from my stomach. I also took a laxative and it didn't do anything now I'm worried I won't be able to relieve.


Feeling better

still a little bloated & my breast stiIl feel firm but I'm continuing to do my massages everyday as instructed


Last night I couldn't go to bed because I was so constipated. This morning I managed to go to the restroom but I was like giving birth. I'm still constipated and trying to find ways to soften my stool so it won't be so painful each time

8 days post op

10 days post op

I still wish I didn't go so big... most of the time it's so uncomfortable to sleep, most mornings I wake up with a sharp pain on my bottom left breast. I think it's just my body trying to accommodate such a big implant.


Feeling better

Finally feeling better than the usual, even though it seems I have developed some kind of allergic reaction to the adhesive on my incision. I'll know more tomorrow after I speak to Dr. Schaffer tomorrow

Appointment 2

Today, I actually saw Dr. Schaffer,
If I would go with my gut feeling I would say his overall attitude was a little dismissive... he said the swolleness and itcheness under my armpit was completely normal which I am going to trust that is the truth. But one of my implants isn't moving as it should. In fact it's sort of immobile which is of great concern to me. i discussed this with him but he said it's not possible contracture. But the implant which is not moving happens to be the one where the swollen itchy incision is on & I know sometimes an infection can incite contracture. Now I'm just worried he's being dismissive... just so he will not have to go through the hassle of reoperation. I know it's a terrible thing to say... But I just didn't feel too sure about what he had to say about my concerns. & now I'm just a little worried; I certainly can't afford reoperation by another doctor. I hope things get better, I hope I'm just being paranoid. Maybe I'm just extremely sensitive right now because of this whole operation.

Breast drop overall progress

One of my breasts seems to be dropping from the Profile view at least a little bit faster than the other, which I know is normal and good to see a little bit of a drop in them. My breasts from the frontal view still seem a bit big for my petite body frame overall. So I'm still wishing I went a little smaller. I like the way they look on their own though, when I just take a frontal picture instead of a full body picture.

Day 15

Well I don't really have anything interesting to report today. Nothing really has changed, except for the rash. The cortizone has provided some relief. It definitely is not as painful as it was in the very beginning. I could not function without Tylenol or Advil to numb the pain a bit. But I'm off any kind of medicine and it does not hurt, just minor discomfort. I will report back if I have any changes or once this rash clears.

Just noticed

I just noticed one of my breast appears bigger than the other... and it is the one that feels heavier too. It's also the one that hurts in the morning. I REALLY hope this is just due to swelling...

24 days po

My armpit incision is feeling so so so much better than before, the swelling, itchiness, redness has definitely subsided. Applying cortizone helped a lot. My breast still look a little uneven to me but I'm hoping this is because one is dropping at a faster rate than the other.

Appointment 2

I talked to doctor Schaffer today. He was very attentive and patient. He went over the proper way to do my massages and answered several of my concerns he even prescribed a medication to help my muscles loosen up for the massages. I'm still a little concern about how high my right breast is... but Dr. Schaffer said it should improve with time so hopefully in a couple of months it'll start dropping a little more. He was right about my armpit incision it's healing nicely, and looks so much better than it did December. Oh and my left breast is moving now, it's not immobile like before. I would also like to say that he did a great job with the armpit incisions, he placed them in such a way that it blends well and looks like a crease. I will update this again once I see some more changes. The hardest thing is to be patient, I know this is a long process.

Those thoughts again...

Funny how every month is just another concern (specially for me I have the tendency to freak out about the smallest things). The month of December I was concerned about developing contracture, this month that concern was relieved but now I'm afraid that my right breast will never drop and I'm even concern of my left breast bottoming out (although I like the look of it so far). So I'll just be crossing my fingers hoping everything turns out well in the end (by the 6 month mark but right now the left breast seems to be lower than the right. The right breast is more oval shaped and higher while the left breast is circular and lower.

Visible asymmetry beneath clothes

Right breast

My right breast is driving me crazy. It seems to be dropping at a much lower rate


Seems to me like left breast bottomed out, either that or my right breast pocket needs to be lowered and extended to allow the implant to drop further, or I still have some swelling and it will resolve within a few months. I'm just very frustrated with the outcome so far, they seem like two completely different breast to me right now.



2 months

Febs appointment

Ok, so I was a little nervous about seeing Schaffer this time around. Only because I was unhappy with the outcome so far and I didn't know how to express this without possibly offending him. But he was actually really easy to talk to (although I was still very nervous). We discussed options and he didn't make me feel like it was all in my head. He actually agreed with me and asked me what breast I liked better and I told him I like my left breast. It feels softer and to me looks more natural compared to the other one. So he said just give it time and if it doesn't fix by 6 months then he'll go back in and loosen up my right breast for me (& HE won't charge me). So for now, I'm putting this to the side, just concentrating in school/work then I will worry about it when the 6 months get here. But the surgery should be simple. Oh and he wants me to continue using singular for 2 more months. I won't be updating again until April.

March-April Update

I began developing stretchmarks sometime mid march and i was so disappointed as soon as i noticed. I know stretch marks are impossible to get rid of and most treatments are ineffective. The only treatment that might improve their appearance is Tretinoin, but it needs to be prescribed. it is usually used for acne however some research studies have observed a noticeable difference in the appearance of the stretch marks after applying tretinoin.

With all of these set backs. I wish i had not gone so "big." There are so many side effects to having big implants including the possibility of bottoming out and stretch marks. I know they usually tell you to go big or else you'll regret it but now that i have experienced all of this i have to disagree. Dont go big, itll only increase the possibility of complications.
Itll just mean more time, more money in something that could have been a one time ordeal. Specially if you're young and you've never had children. Your skin is not use to the stretching from big implants so it'll react differently to large implants.

May appointment

Schaffer gave me the sum of costs and now all i need to do is schedule an appointment. I am concerned though because he said he would not be working on both breast during the revision. i feel like both breast could use some work... But I'll settle for symmetrical breast. I just dont want to be dealing with this AGAIN 3 months from now. It takes money and time from my life.
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