Mel - San Antonio, TX

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I'll start by saying I love my doctor. I've been...

I'll start by saying I love my doctor. I've been on claravis 30mg for one month now, went for a follow up and refill but Costco did not have my meds available at the time I needed them. With that being said, I went to heb near where I live because they had the dosage I needed, however I feel as though I really got ripped off! At Costco they charged me 380$ the first month at heb I got charged almost double for another generic brand called myorisan 40mg was my understanding that 40 mgs run a lot cheaper for some odd reason but in this case heb robbed me blind....I needed it by I was out and desperate ,the guy on the phone quoted me wrong as well. So for u guys that r newbies to this med make sure to call around and get quotes before hand....other then my bad experience with heb pharmacy so far me meds r working, I am very hopeful but wish I would have filled my prescription somewhere other then heb.
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