5th Day of Invisalign - W/11 Buttons

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I am on day 5 of my invisalign treatment and I am...

I am on day 5 of my invisalign treatment and I am very excited to see the end result. I had 11 "buttons" attached to my teeth and some filing done on the first day (which I wasn't expecting), but neither of those procedures were painful. The filing was uncomfortable, but I think the worst part of it was the smell of the enamel.

I'm having my treatment done by a premier dentist who is also my general dentist. I have to admit that I am a little nervous about not actually having it done by an orthodontist now that I have read some of the posts here. Somebody please tell me they have had a good experience with a dentist??

So far I have not had any major pain or headaches, which I am very happy about. I know that I have several trays to go (13 more on top and 17 more on bottom) but I think that it will be totally worth it. I do, however have some sensiivity and it isn't very easy to remove the trays with the little buttons on. I think it is getting easier and less painful to take them in and out as the days go by.

I think the biggest difficulty/inconvenience about the aligners is the inability to eat/drink/snack whenever I want like I used to. I guess the benefit of that is that I am forced to only eat when I really have to vs. snacking just because there is food or candy around lol. I'm hoping this will help me out with my weight loss goals as well. Having invisalign has also really forced me to improve my brushing and flossing habits. I went from two times per day to about 4 times per day which is also really good. Its always nice to have really good oral hygeine.

While it is too early to give an actual review on my results from my invisalign treatment, I just thought I'd share my experience thus far for people considering invisalign. I am very excited and absolutely looking forward to the end result. I will be back to report my progress as I start to see changes.

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