9 Years Old Saline Implant Removed with No Lift, No Capsulectomy and No Drain - Salt Lake City, UT

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Hello guy! I had my saline implant under...

Hello guy!

I had my saline implant under muscle 9 years ago. I chose the wrong doctor( I was not sure, he presented himself very good) he did not do a very good job. He put too high, so my nipple points down, look very saggy. He told me he could fix it for me with half charge(not full). I was not happy and was scared to have more surgery, so left it like that. I am never happy with it but did not trust any more doctors to fix it. Anyway, to this point I decide to have it take out. I saw to PS, both suggested me to have a lift. One was told me to take it out and lift at the same time. He did not charge me the cost of remove it, only the lift. This PS is DO only, his cost is 4500. Another PS told me removed it, wait 6 months and have it life. His cost is 1850 for removal with no capsulectomy, no drain, under local anesthesia. Then the lift will me 5000 later. I am schedule to have it removed only on April 05. I am nervous and scared. Anyone here has it removed under local? Is it safe to leave the scapsule there? Anyone knows if Insurance cover this procedure?

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