All on 4 Upper Arch

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My parents didnt make a whole lot of money and had...

My parents didnt make a whole lot of money and had 4 children so we were never able to afford expensive dental procedures. Which sucked for me because I lost my front permanent tooth in a soccer net when i was in 3rd grade. I wore a retainer throughout elementary school. In junior high i got a retainer with a fake tooth on the front that was not the same size as my other front tooth. That tooth soon broke off of the retainer and they replaced it with another tooth when i was 16. Not having a tooth there for a few years caused all of my teeth to move towards the center. Ive had a retainer in my mouth for half of my life now (im now 22 years old) and the roof of my mouth is now super soft and mushy. The tooth on the retainer that i got when i was 16 is slowly breaking and deteriorating along with the retainer in my mouth.

ive never felt comfortable smiling or laughing and have always covered my mouth with my hand. I reseached all of my different options and realized i wanted the All on 4. The Dentist said i had a lot of just fine teeth and that i wouldnt need to do that but i chose to anyways because i dont want to go through the next 5 years wearing braces and having a gap right in the front of my mouth. Plus a lot of my other teeth are now starting to decay. Well theres my story for yall!

i go in on 5/16/12 to have the surgery. Im super nervous but have been reading this website like every day for the last few months trying to gain as much knowledge as possible to make my final decesion. I would love to share my experience for other people who arent sure what they want to do, ill post pictures and everything if yall would like and explain my process in detail :)

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