TCA Full Thickness Burn with 30% Scar Treatment -Salt Lake City, UT

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I went to Mark Taylor because I had heard from a...

I went to Mark Taylor because I had heard from a few people he was the guy to go to. Well, unfortunately I don't trust what he says. He wanted to do laser on a scar that is still healing. I got a third degree burn just six months ago from a bad tca peel concentrated in one place. The skin still hasn't fully healed and it's insanity to evaporate my skin cells when they are still trying to reproduce. this is not the only website that talks about burns and scarring they take a minimum of 2years to heal and they look their worse 4-8 months of healing. My face wasn't even fully healed until 2 months after the burn occurred. I'm pretty educated about the whole burn healing process and listening to him being "so sure" that laser would help almost blew my mind that a doctor would do such a thing so soon.
I was hoping he would have suggestions to help the healing process so the scar wouldn't be so bad and maybe in the future I could do something like that and I was hoping he'd help me through the process but he wanted to do laser that day!! that's bananas to me and he needs to get more educated about burns because he could have done damage to skin that is still healing if I was not as educated as I am about full thickness burns.
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I felt like he just wanted my money and money isn't an issue I'm okay with paying whatever for something if they know what they are doing. I felt like I was just "another" patient. He only give me one option he didn't even talk about anything else. I was devastated because this has been a hard experience for me and I thought he could help. I guess I will have to see another plastic surgeon.

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