35 Year Old explanted 9 Yr Old Saline Implants - Salt Lake City, UT

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Made my explant appt. today. My implants still...

Made my explant appt. today. My implants still look great, but are just way too big. Like so many others, my doctor upped my size last minute. They've always been too big (32 DDD) on a 5'3 petite frame. I'm always hiding them to try to appear more professional. Considered smaller implants with the explant, but I'm just over having them at all. So no new implants, no lift (doctor said I don't need it). But, still pretty nervous I'll have regrets. Trying to get extra fit so my natural (let's hope B's) are proportional.

Breast explant, 3 months post and very happy

I cannot recommend Dr. Angela Keen (and her great staff) enough. The procedure was short and, while a bit uncomfortable, not painful. Dr. Keen helped to ease my anxiety with her skilled bedside manner and confidence. I also had asked for some botox and lip filler. (Might as well have something "fun" done with the not so fun procedure). She talked me out of it, which is rare and speaks volumes on credibility. She did give me a touch of filler above my cheeks and I love it. But, let's get to the breasts. They have healed wonderfully. I was worried about scars and healing. They looked quite great right after, but seemed to sink a bit a couple of weeks out. They are now looking great again now that they are healed and the scars are barely visible. Was surprised to be sized as a D post op. Wondering if VS have changed in the last 10 years. I look fitter, slimmer and I'm loving the natural look.
Salt Lake City Plastic Surgeon

Have only been to the consultation. But, experience has been great so far.

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