Should Not Have Switched - Salt Lake City, UT

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I have had Botox three times with great result and...

I have had Botox three times with great result and almost no pain. I scheduled Botox and my provider shows up with Dysport and tells me it will act faster and last longer.

I was hesitant to change. Why mess with what works. Well I should have stood up for myself and gone with my gut. I have major swelling and feel like I was hit across the forehead with a baseball bat. I am praying that I do not have some of the long term side effects mentioned.

Hah! a lot of good the fast acting results get me when my forehead swelling makes me look like Frankenstein.

Satnd up and don't let yourself become a guinea pig! Stick with what works. My Dr. pays less for Dysport and I get charged as much as Botox with horrifying results. I feel very taken advantage of.

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