Not Worth Risking Your Health

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I had saline implants placed 5 years ago. Had no...

I had saline implants placed 5 years ago. Had no problems for the first 4 years. After 4 years one of my implants ruptured and slowly I became extremely ill over the next 6 months. It was discovered by my doctors a few months later, after numerous tests to try and figure out why I was so sick that my body had been poisoned by 4 chemicals. Poisoning from these chemicals were consistent with my symptoms. My doctors do believe that these chemicals in my body were from the shell of the breast implant. When it ruptured, all of the chemicals that an implant is made from rushed into my body, leading to me being almost totally disabled.

Chemicals that breast implants are made from are NOT safe for a human body. You might be okay for awhile, but as soon as your implant starts leaking or'll be in trouble!

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