37 Year Old Mother of 3 with Multiple Illness Do to Obesity - Salinas, CA

I've been reading many reviews and finally I'm...

I've been reading many reviews and finally I'm posting my own. After waiting for many years to have it done my day is almost here. My insurance denied me a few years back because I had no medical conditions but after I had my third baby everything changed. I now have diabetes, high cholesterol, severe chronic back pain and a few other things. What stopped me from having the surgery was the cost and not knowing if I would be able to live with the life changes post op. But now that I'm I'll with sugars up and down I know I have to change my lifestyle if I want to live to see my little ones grow. I'm currently on my liquid diet and have lost 7 lbs. So far. I have to confess I did not thing I could do it but just to think I could die if I don't change my way I think puts right on track. I know what I want and that's to take care of me so I can care for my family. Everyone thinks I'm selfish for having the surgery. They think it's an easy eay out but they don't understand that I have been up in down all my life. From 165 my lowest and to 325 my highest. Everything is a chore when you are so heavy even putting my own shoes. They say we'll if you exercise and not eat as much you would lose weight, when they eat more than me. Ever since I can remember I have been heavy not obese but overweight. I was always the one with thick thighs but a shapely figure. But ones I had my third baby everything went down hill.
I have decided to use this tool to help me lose and manage my weight. It took me forever to come up with the money but since I'm paying for my surgery it will only be 22k. Will keep you posted.

Living life

Well this Monday was two month post op and I'm down 55lbs and I feel amazing. It's been 5 years since I was at this current weight and it feels so good to be able to tie my shoes without gasping for air and breaking a sweat. There are days when it's hard but my entire is now on board with my life change because they too are watching what they eat and their portions. My husband who has gained weight in the last four years had asked me to pack healthier lunches which he used to get upset because I would suggest to eat healthier to avoid getting himself in my situation and now he's asked me on his own to help change his diet. I'm so excited for my kids and family. As far as to what I'm able to eat I can pretty much eat all vegetables as long as they are cooked well and cut into small pieces. Meat wise it can be challenging but I eat lean ground beef in pre measured or weighted patties and I have them ready for my meals. I also have ground turkey and chicken all in 3 Oz portions I never eat the entire thing but I want to get used to the idea that this will be my portions. I also will have a side of green veggies stemmed and I add salt and pepper for taste and a little infused olive oil just because I love the flavor. I don't drink juice or soda anymore I now have water with aloe Vera from herbalife or homemade habiscus water and I do and some sweet and low but not even half of a little pack. Or I make mint tea and ice it with frozen strawberries or what ever is in my fridge. I now have about 1/4cup of regular cherrios with about 4-6 oz of nonfat milk for breakfast if I'm in a hurry but I always have breakfast something I never used to do. I also pack my lunch the night before and store it in the fridge so I can grab it as I leave the house for the day. What I don't crave at all is McDonald's or most fast food restaurants. My kids and husband can have it and I have learned that it's okay for them to have it here and there (McDonald's or other) I carry my cooler every where and I'm so happy with this new habit because it's a part of me every where I go even if I go grocery shopping. Yes, that's right I carry my cooler every where because I do not want to be caught unprepared and have a melt down where I will be tempted to grab what ever because I'm hungry and a few minutes later regret to have eaten junk because I will get sick it's happen one and don't wish for ir to ever happen again. The experience was violently painful and I was sick and weak for a few hours and that my friends I don't wish upon no one I literally wanted to go to the E.R. but remembered I was told if I ate to fast, too much or the wrong foods this would happen.
Again I can't thank enough the people who have helped me from the office people to the doctor who performed my surgery to my supporting family. It's a second chance at living life to the fullest and not taking my health and ability to move for granted. I would highly recommend this surgery to those who have attempted everything to lose weight like myself and it just keeps coming back to trap us again. It's not a miracle surgery because by no means I'm I saying it's a walk in the park but if your commuted to change and your prepared for it and have been changing your eating habits and you want your life back then this is for you. It will be worth every ounce of sacrifice and the results will be your best reward no need to celebrate with food.

More puctures

Well I don't really know how to add pictures so I'm trying my best but here are some progress pictures.

Feeling alive again!

Well this Sunday was four months post-op and I feel amazing. It's been 8 years I had been at this weight and boy it feels good to be able to find clothes at a regular store without having to go lane bryan and have to pay extra for plus size. I started my journey at a size 24 and I know I can wear a size 16 non strech. My current weight is 202.8 and still trying my best everyday to lose weight on a weekly basis. I have been getting judged by people lately because they say I got the easy way out that anyone can lose weight having surgery. I don't say a thing but if they only knew my daily struggle maybe they would understand that having the surgery was much harder than any diet. I have to count my portion everything has to be weight and I have to meal prep so I can have my food ready when needed. I now can run with out stopping and I weight train to keep muscle. My body is for sure changeing it is more shaped and defined I love the way I look. The hair has fallen out but they said as long as I drink my vitamins and all my protein it should grow right back. I do get really tired by 2pm but my body is still trying to adjust to all these changes and it really needs to rest. Other than that I don't really have any complaints about the bypass I still believe I made the right choice. I hope my storie helps and inspires someone to make their right decision.
Dr di santi

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