Botox for Wrinkle Prevention - Salem, NH

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I just turned 24 and have been considering Botox...

I just turned 24 and have been considering Botox for well over a year. Deep forehead lines run on either side of my family and I have an extremely expressive face so I'm trying to do all I can to prevent lines from forming. I wear spf 50 daily and have a good skincare routine so I decided to look in to getting Botox in my forehead and between my brows to help. I found Dr. Miller who's office is close by and after a consultation I've decided to book an appointment. He's extremely thorough so far and answered every question I had. One of my biggest requirements was that the doctor not over inject me and before I could even bring that up he specified he would be doing the minimum amount of units on me. I believe it'll be 8 in my forehead, 24 in between my brows, and 3 on either side of my brows. I'm nervous but also very excited to see the results. I'll update probably the day off or the day after the procedure.

Before Pictures

I have an extremely expressive forehead lol. Hopefully Dr Miller can fix it!

Got Botox today!

So I had my treatment today! I was so so excited. The nurse took me in for before pictures and then I went in a room to remove any face makeup in the areas of treatment, and was then brought in to the treatment room. Dr. Miller is so funny and relaxing, he made me feel very comfortable the whole time he was marking the areas to be injected. I BARELY felt the injections and they only took about 5 or 6 minutes in total. I had small red bumps for about 20 minutes after and now they've calmed down. He told me to wait minimum 10 days before seeing results. Will post update pictures soon!

2 days after treatment

I think I'm starting to notice a difference! I've been so scared to touch the area in case I love it even though I'm pretty sure I was good after the first day. Better safe than sorry! Frowning and raising eyebrows same as in the first two photos. I see a difference between my brows but not in my forehead yet.
New Hampshire Vascular Surgeon

So far I've had two consultations with Dr. Miller and he and his staff have been nothing but kind, helpful, and professional. I feel very comfortable at his office and every possible question I had was thoroughly answered.

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