Day 5 Post Op and Pain is Horrible...... - Salem, MA

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Today I woke up with horrible pains in the...

Today I woke up with horrible pains in the incision of the scar. I have been taking the hydromorphone every 4 hours like clock work. The scar is not red but tender to touch. Still draining each side 30ml but hoping the drains will come out on Monday. I also had a breast augmentation and really didn't think the pain could be this bad. I have been walking minimally (hunched over) and can't wait to shower. I am posting today looking for an answer, I hope. Today, my temperature is border line high 99.8,nausea, don't have an appetite and my stomach feels like it is on fire primarily near the incision but no redness just tender. I also started my period today and wondering if that is playing part in how I am feeling. Has anyone started to feel worse on day 5 instead of getting better?

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