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I've always been unhappy about my back. I read...

I've always been unhappy about my back. I read someone's description of their back looking like melting wax. I felt very uncomfortable in a bathing suit. I used to make my husband walk in front of me. My Girls also needed some help after nursing three babies and just getting older. I researched for about three months. I would "sit" with my options. I originally wanted implants but ultimately decided on a lift only. I didn't want to appear heavy or have to replace or remove ten in my retirement years. I'm a short gal and I'm pretty happy with my size... although with a breast lift, you can lose volume. I mainly just wanted to have perky breasts back. I'm only Post op 24 hours, so I don't have anything to show. I get to take a shower tomorrow but I don't think I want to look at anything until a couple weeks. I think it will scare me. Taking pain meds right on time. Thank goodness for my husband. The braline backlift is the most painful area right now and the compression garment is no fun. I'm eating a bit and walking up and down the hall to prevent blood clots and I'm keeping my lungs moving with the breathing machine. My doctor and all the staff are amazing. My anesthesiologist was perfect. So kind and patient with my fear. I've not marked the "worth it" box yet because I haven't seen anything. I love the Neaman crew and I'm sure it will be great once I heal. I'm already thinking about scar treatment
The surgery was about four hours and they used a patch behind my ear for nausea. It really helped. No throwing up so far. Woke up in recovery pretty slowly. I felt so tired. No drains, dissolvable stitches and glue. Post op is in a week. I will get some before pics of my back uploaded soon.

A tip

I wanted to share a tip for taking the pressure off your back while sitting or reclining after a braline backlift. It's very painful to have contact or pressure on the incision area. So, my husband rolled a towel and placed it bend the small of my back. It allows the middle of my back to not come in contact with the chair. I'm still in a lot of pain and I started on a stool softener since I have not had a bowel movement since the day of surgery, 48 hours ago.

One week!!!

Finally off prescription pain killers. Thank goodness. Sleeping has been challenging finding a comfortable position since I had my braline backlift and breast lift. The front and back is very sore. I had a lot of stomach bloating and constipation but that is now resolving. My first post op went well and my doctor is pleased. Taking off my bandages was so very scary. I didn't want to look. I am so pleased with my back especially. I wish I had my before pics. They should be coming soon. I guess the most difficult part is that my husband left me yesterday. That is a difficult circumstance to process while I am trying to heal but luckily my dear friend stepped in and is by my side. Part of my plastic surgery journey came about because I felt unworthy after years of infidelity, porn and lies. I could never look like the women he saw on the internet. Now I can claim this transformation for myself and not to "keep" him. I need to reframe the reasons I went through this.

And now for the back

I wish I had my before pictures. Here is the back after one week

Another week down!!

Well another week in the books!! 17 days post op. I overdid it last week. Should not have lifted so much. It is so difficult to ask for help, but trust me, you need to in order to heal properly. So now I'm taking it easy and backing up a bit. Incision sites are still covered in glue in spots and stitches have not fully dissolved but it looks better. Only Tylenol for pain. I'll tell ya.... it's a love-hate relationship with the compression garment!! Haha!!

23 days post op

Getting there!! Glue still in some spots. Still sore. Sleeping is easier, thank goodness. Tylenol still for pain.

10 weeks post op

Well, it's 10 weeks later. I'm healing every day. I am back to regular activity including bellydancing. I am still not wearing any underwires except for in my costumes. After a day of underwire, I'm pretty uncomfortable. I am back to the gym but I take it easy when I feel my body protesting. I still can't believe this is my body sometimes. Sometimes I wake up and I think I will still have my old body. It's a strange emotional journey. I did gain a little bit of weight after I had initially lost some weight because of post surgical lack of eating. Now that I'm back at the gym I think that will be easy to regulate. About four weeks after my surgery I had two ovarian cysts that burst and a kidney stone so that set me back a little bit. It was a crazy little time! I am using some oils on my scars now since everything is closed and healing. There are a few scars that are pretty gnarly but for the most part I think it's right on track.
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