Trying to Get Rid of Some Ink

Hello, guys, and sorry for mistakes if there are...

Hello, guys, and sorry for mistakes if there are any, since English is not my native language. Three days ago or so I went to the laser clinic to actually remove my lips tattoo and it all ended up with that I decided to keep it since the pink color turns to black after Q-switch, so i think iw will just fade naturally for 1-2 years, but now I am up to removing some of the ink I got in Thailand. I neither love it or hate it, as well as for my other tattooes, since they all are on the back and people which are lucky enough to see me with naked back normally have just positive comments about it, and on the other hand shocking old women on the beach has always been kind of fun. My parents hate my tattoes of course. But they also feel sorry for my pain under the lasers and for the hole in the budget this fun with lasers might cause, and now they say I should keep all the ink. But now being over 30. I really feel like I do not need this "magic" Thai Ink any more, and i don't like the way it looks and the location on my body, the tatooes have been there for a while and if I have good results with this removal, I might get rid of it all, cause we all realize now, that tattoing body is actually a mistake in almost all cases. The doctor in the laser clinic has counted smth like 320 square santimeters of ink on my body, removing all that my cause my death of itching and pain I am afraid:) so i will jsut start with 4 small tatts, which are about 100 santimeters all together, whic is also huge compared to what some people have. I am not hating my body right now, and I can imagine living with all this all my life. But yes, i would love to see it gone. One of my tattoes (Lotus flower) was treated in the most super- expensive laser clinic in the city , the lisard were treated in a regular tattoo salon with three times lower price.So I am really interested to see if there is going to be any difference and any results at all. Right now it feels good to see some lines disappering after just a few days. I will be glad to find anyone here, who also tried removing Thailand Ink and follow their progress and I would be glad to communicate and give moral support to them , as well as to all others trying to get rid undesirable Ink. My personall believe that all our mistakes are teaching us some good lessons. And if it comes to tattoes, I see the main lesson here in learning to love your body as it is, with tatts or not, cause after all this is just ink. Thanks for reading this and I will be glad to stay in touch with those who find it interesting to see my progress. PS If i have no results after 3 sessions, i think I will just get it all covered with some amazing stuff like red roses:D we will see. I believe in science and medicine, and ready to give it a try. Because yes I want it gone.Really
Professional DR versus Tatoo Artist

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