24 Years Old, No Kids, 32A, 485cc silicone HP under muscle- Saint Petersburg, FL

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Hey ! I won my augmentation on the radio, I'm very...

Hey ! I won my augmentation on the radio, I'm very impatiently and anxiously awaiting my consult, it's scheduled for Nov 7th!

I'm 5'3, 125lbs. I am an A cup, I've wanted this my entire life I'm so excited !!

Reading all the reviews on realself has me even more anxious, though. I want to get to like a full C cup. Not sure how many ccs that means..

So impatient

My consult is in a week and a half and I am so anxious!!! All I do is look at RS all day at work lol I'm wondering what type of questions I should ask my doc.
I have an idea of what size boob's I want, but I'll see so many people with that size but they all got different ccs. I know it depends on your before. I want to be a full c cup.. I posted the size I want in my wish boob's.
But anyways I'm wondering what questions to ask. I don't want to miss anything ! Please help

So close!

My consult is on Monday. I printed out questions to ask and I'll have to go tomorrow and print out so many wish boob pictures. My surgeon is probably going to think Im crazy.. I'm posting a pic of myself in a bathing suit I'm not quite comfortable with the idea of posting topless befores just yet. But thanks to RS I have an idea of what size I want. I'm thinking 350-375cc. I have a friend that got 350cc and they're a tad too small for me, but when I look on here 350 looks perfect and 375 looks too big. But I also don't know what her chest looked like before .. a lot of people say to always go with the bigger size if you're torn, so I don't know. My consult will help. I'm so so excited to make my appointment for my BA!! I would also like to plan all that I will need during recovery if someone can help! A list of must haves

Is 485cc huge ?!

I had my consult today .. I've been planning 375cc moderate profile and my PS said to get 485cc high profile!!
I definitely want high profile now cause he pointed out how the boob that I do have is mostly at the bottom half and the top half is flatter so I need high profile.
But 485?! I tried on 485 and 450 and I loved the way 450 looked, and 485 looked so big! But my PS said once the 485 is in, it'll look like the 450.. I'm so scared !!! Really really need advise.
I'm 5'3, 125. I do not eat to look top heavy or like a bimbo ????

Surgery scheduled!!

I'm feeling a lot better about my implant choice.
When I first when in for my consult, I chose 485cc, and immediately panicked. I went back in today to try sizes again. I tried 485 and 450. Decided to stick with 485.
So I'm getting 485cc high profile, under the muscle. I'm getting silicone. The gummy bear ones.

My surgery is scheduled for January 17th at 230p :)) My PS assistant said the time may change, but the date won't. 63 days, 19 hrs from now !!
I've waited my whole life for this lol I might cry tears of joy when I finally have them. I almost wanted to cry at my consult lol
I was feeling very very scared about 485, I'm SO SO thankful for this website. There's some girls, same size as me, with the same situation. Was gonna get 450, was suggested 485, got scared.. but ended up loving them. Even wishing they went bigger. I can't wait to have them and squeeze them!!!
I've already taken the time off from work. I won this augmentation on the radio, but still have to pay operation room fees, anesthesia and my upgrade to the silicone instead of saline. I should have it all paid off in the next few weeks before the holidays.
Would love some help with what I need to stock up on before my surgery so I can make a christmas list for my family lol PLEASE and THANK YOU! :) :) :)

Before pics


Counting down!

My surgery is in 21 days!!! I can't wait!!!
I've went back and forth so many times between 450 and 485. I decided on 485 and promised myself I wouldn't question it anymore. Thanks to everyone on here, I know better than to pick the smaller size.
I got a zip front bra from Walmart .. only one, cause I'm not sure it's even the right kind..
I'm starting to get nervous. I keep thinking of stretch marks. I wonder how common it is to get them from a BA.
I'm nervous about getting any type of infections, my skin is so sensitive.
I'm nervous about them not looking right.. and what my nipples will look like..
But I'm also just so so so excited!!


10 days away from surgery !!!!
I've got all of my prescriptions, going to get one of those sit-up pillows with the arms today. I got a Champion sports bra from Target, that's what my doctor told me to get. I got a Medium, I hope it's the right size ! It was $24.99..
Can't wait!!!!!!

Nerves are taking over!

My excitement is leaving lol and my fear is taking over. I'm only 4 days away.. I'm so nervous !! I watched a bunch of videos of the surgery, Idk why I did that lol. I'm annoying all of my family and friends by talking about it all the time , I wish I had more feedback on here!
I'm uploading two before pics of my flat chest lol

Today is the day !

Today is the day and my anxiety is through the roof. My surgery is in two hours. I need to be there in about half an hour. I know I might sound crazy, but I swear my boob's look bigger! I've read someone post something about getting "graduation goggles" maybe that's what is happening .. I'm getting nervous about how huge they're about to be lol I took some more befores in a bathing suit top.. I'll post after surgery!!!

The girls are here!!

Day 2 post op pics! After coming out of surgery I was in a great deal of pain. Wasn't expecting that lol I could barely breathe it felt like a grown man was sitting on my chest. When I got home I slept a little and when I woke up I took two pain pills. Have been great ever since. I've been taking them every six hours. My mom is a nurse, she took of these two days to help me. She woke up every six hours to make sure I got my meds. Today I started muscle relaxers and my antibiotics, too. Right now I've got no pain, just discomfort. They're really tight and hard feeling. I can't do much with my arms lol thank goodness for my mom.
I LOVE the size , I'm so happy they aren't as high as I was expecting. I love them so much already I can not wait til they start dropping and fluffing!!!!

Day 2

The last one was day 1, I didn't mean to write 2.
THIS is truly day 2. Woke up in so much pain. I was supposed to take my next dose of pain meds an hour ago. Im telling you, take those on time lol or you'll be feeling it ????

Day 2 pics!

Wow I'm feeling great today. I woke up around 6 in a lot of pain, took two vicodin and now I'm like..fine. finally took a shower which was easy, I could wash my hair and everything. I hope this feeling continues. I love my boobs so much already !!!! I can't wait til they start dropping and fluffing !!! I was so scared to take off my bra for my shower. My doctor said wearing this bra plays a HUGE part in preventing the fake boob gap. As soon as I got our and dried off I put it back on lol I'll wear this bra 24/7 unless I'm showering . I'm going to get more this weekend when I'm paid. Ahhhh I love My boobs lol !!! I'm so so so happy I went with the bigger size

Day 3 squishy update

I wish I would've recorded how hard they were yesterday so you can see how much they changed in one day!

More pics

I'm already so obsessed !!!!

Update on how I'm feeling:
I can move my arms much more now. Sitting up on my own is still a little bit of a struggle but I don't need help. I really don't need help with anything anymore. I've gotten comfortable with sleeping sitting up, which I find strange lol showers make me feel so much better.
My boobs are still so numb. Even my nipples. It makes me really sad, I hope that goes away. They were SO sensitive before. I want them to drop like tomorrow haha I'm going to dinner with some friends tomorrow can't wait to show them off. They're still pretty hard but I know that takes time. I'm trying to think of what other girls would want to know ... Hm. My incisions are itchy. I put coconut oil around the bandages , it helped. Might be all in my mind but whatever helps lol
All in all, so far this is quite literally the best decision I've ever made lol I love my boobies!!
I go back to work Tuesday so tomorrow I'm gonna go buy some loose shirts to wear to work. I'll need someone to drive me around since I'm still on pain meds.
Anyways let me know if you have any questions or advice !!!


So I know, I know. I'm not supposed to look at bras yet. But I was at VS and they were having a sale! This one is 32DD. I just had to buy it. I can't believe I have boobs!

5 days post

Nothing's really changed . Can't wait to get these strips off my incisions. My post op appt is tomorrow, he's taking them off then.

Two weeks

So I'm two weeks post op. I can already see some dropping happening. The top pic is two days post op the bottom was last night. I have zero feeling in my nipples and bottom half of my boob which is very very uncomfortable, but that's about all the discomfort I have. Well no, my skin sometimes hurts. It's like I can feel it still stretching and it's sore to the touch. Even my seatbelt rubbing on my chest hurts my skins, it's a weird feeling. One day I put on a sports bra with barely any support at all just waiting for my recommended bras Tobe done on the laundry, and my boobs felt so weird and heavy lol it's a very strange feeling having boobs. Love it though, and I love them so much. I finally got a look at my incisions, too. They're not too bad. They're small, that's probably why my doctor told me he really had to fight to get them in there lol .. but overall I'm in love with them. I'm a 32DD now. Not sure if I've mentioned that yet. But of course that bra size is nearly impossible to find unless you wanna get expensive bras lol so that kinda sucks just cause I'm used to being able to just go to Marshalls and get a cheap bra. But that's the only negative thing I have to say about my new girls. My left is dropping slower than my right so ive started my massages. And I have to massage the sides. My doctor knows how terrified I am of the huge gap between them lol so one of my massages is like pushing them towards the middle of my chest. Anyway, just an update. Best decision ever !!!!

Before and after

Holy s***. Found a before pic. I forgot how FLAT my chest was lol I look like a child !!

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