22 Years Old, No Kids, Currently a 36A

I've been wanting this procedure for so long!! I...

I've been wanting this procedure for so long!!
I went to my consultation two weeks ago. We're going to do 485-500cc silicone. I'm still trying to figure out if I want the high profile, or just moderate +.
I might go back before my procedure to get a 3D imaging done and talk more about if I should get moderate + or high profile.

Less than two days out from surgery!

I had another consultation over the weekend and I'll be having my BA on Wednesday morning!!
We agreed that 500cc round silicone high profile was a good match for what I wanted.
I picked up a couple sports bras from target and now it's just a waiting game!!
Dr. Leigh

So far I've had a consultation and dr. Leigh was very welcoming. Had a great sense of humor and listened to what i wanted. I'm going to go back in to get a 3D imaging done.

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