Rhinoplasty with Bleeding - Saint Louis, MO

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I've been unhappy with my nose due to its nasal...

I've been unhappy with my nose due to its nasal jump and pointing down when I smile, so I wanted a more feminine look that would suit my face. A week after my cast was removed I was pretty happy with result even though it did look too fat and tip too "up". I was sure this would go down with time. I didn't particularly like how I looked like from the front, as it did look a bit like pig nose and very fat from the front, but knowing the swelling will go down calmed me.

A week after my cast got removed that night my nose started bleeding severely.

I was on the phone with my doctor but the bleeding wouldn't stop and I had to call ambulance. I was talked to the ER and it was the scariest experience in my life! I lost so much blood and it just poured out of my nose. Finally after stuffing my nose with inflatable balloon the bleeding stopped, and blood clots started to form. It was so painful for the next 24 hours especially since my nose still hadn't healed at all. I am in shock and cannot stop worrying about the bleed and my results....

3 days with nose stuffing

Right now it's been 3 days since I it the inflated balloon stuffing in my nose and the ER doc told me to come back in 3 days to remove it, however my doctor told me the longer I wait the better chance I have of it not bleeding again when the stuffing is removed. I am worried about keeping it in for 6 days...and really don't know what to do. I am also scared of it bleeding again.
I've been told the most likely reason it bled so much was because the stitch that was dissolving opened up and was right next to an artery which made it bleed so severely. I don't know if this balloon in my nose will solve the problem and help the stitch to heal.

The balloon is out

The balloon stuffing was removed from my nostril 2 days ago and everything went fine, no re bleeding, my doctor took care of me and had me hang out in the office for an hour just to make sure. I was feeling good after and the next day as well, so I felt safe to drive back home yesterday (which is a bit of a long drive). It's day 3 after stuffing removal and day 16 after the surgery. I feel great and my nose is less swollen. Will post photos later.

Getting used to the nose

Here's some updated photos, this is 16-17 days post. The nose still feels numb/ hard which makes me overly aware of it. Also I still can't smile big and naturally, since upper lip doesn't move up that much. So I really can't wait for the numbness to go down.
I'm happy with the profile, but still getting used to looking at myself.

18 days update

The first 2 weeks I felt like the nose is a bit to short for my face, but I think I'm getting used to it more and more every day. However, can't help but be overly aware of the nose, probably because it's still very stiff and sore, which makes me feel the nose there all the time. I feel the pressure inside even more when I talk or try to smile. Smiling is very awkward, upper lip doesn't move, so I'm just trying to stay patient ! Definitely miss laughing and smiling big ))))
Overall I'm happy with results.
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