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I'm sorry that it seems everyone here had...

I'm sorry that it seems everyone here had problems...I did go to the same company in STL and had the procedure in 2006...I didn't really have to lose any weight but my belly wouldn't go away...I went through 3 rounds of shots and it worked just like they said it would... it did swell up horribly and it did hurt as they warned...but then when the swelling went down I was flatter and flatter...

Of course this company I used has gone out of business now, but I don't think the lipodissolve was the issue...what their problem was the bad business practices they followed together with poor costumer service...
It's been 4years and I've gained 10lbs b/c I stopped exercising. I still have a rather flat tummy and I'm thinking of getting a similar procedure with a reputable company for the "love handles".


I would not recommend bc since 2006 there are other providers that are just as good but lots cheaper and FIG went out of business for bad customer service. I lucked out.

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