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Hello, I have been searching for dr for a BBL for...

Hello, I have been searching for dr for a BBL for about a year or so. I originally had my heart sold on Dr J Curves in ATL. I decided I want to stay local and heard of Dr Ramos. I went in for a consolation and his office was very small but the staff was very nice. They had tons of before and after pics there. oh and the consolation was free that's always a plus. He was very informative, he used local anesthesia which he says is safer. Its a little scary knowing i could wake up during the surgery. He says the surgery would take about 6 hours and i would only be down three days. THREE DAYS every other DR has a two week recovery time. He says its because he layers the fat.His staff confirmed it she said she had surgery Thursday and was driving on Saturday! You only have to put down a 500 deposit then the rest of the money is due the day of surgery. Which is nice as well. The total for me would be 8 grand. I am pretty small 5'5 160. I already have some butt but I have had a child and want to remove all of my stomach fat and back fat. He is removing from my stomach inner thigh and back. In the price the garment and waist trainer is included also 5 weeks( i think 5) of laster treatment is included as well to maximize results. He was very upfront about what he could give me in reality. He said about 900cc in each cheek plus hips. Has anyone gone to him? Any advice?

My procedure is in two days! Im getting nervous...

My procedure is in two days! Im getting nervous I'm really hoping he can give me everything I want. I want a crazy booty with a itty bitty waist lol. I might post some before and after pics the day of my surgery. I got all my prescriptions filled today. the totally was 36.90 because the pharmacy they recommend didn't accept my insurance. I packed my bag and I'm doing a mass cleaning of my house tomorrow. My daughter will be gone until sunday I'm hoping I'm somewhat functional by then. I added some wish pics

Dr Ramos

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