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During my cosmetic procedure I was burned with the...

During my cosmetic procedure I was burned with the liposuction instrument, the Doctor never told me what happened and 4 days later after the surgery I discovered a third degree burn on my inner tight. I had a great deal of pain as a result of what he called "an accident" he blamed his assistant but took full responsibility. I think this is the most uncaring human being I have ever met in my life, he should not even be allowed to do surgery on anybody. I have decided to expose him because I would hate for anybody else to suffer as a result of his negligence. The pictures below were taken the day I had to go to ER a few days after my surgery. I thought these things could only happen in a third world country but no beware please of who you choose if you don't want to be hurt like I did. A year later I have a permanent scar on my inner tight that still bothers me a great deal.

Being called a liar

I just read two comments from the same person calling me liar and questioning why I am posting a review a year later. I am not going to engaged with this person be it is probably someone who works for Dr. Del Vecchio, and I am pretty sure of this because on her long comments she refers to him as Dr. D and that's how his staff calls him. This person is calling me a liar without even knowing me, this person defends this Doctor supposedly based on her own experience, the great things she says about him are all made up, all the reviews online describe him as an uncaring, arrogant Doctor and I wish I read them before I trusted him. I have so much proof I can post here, an investigation made by the hospital, tons of pictures, text messages etc. I posted my review a year later because I am not a bad person and I was hoping this Doctor had the decency to admit he hurt me badly and at least reimburse me some of the money I paid for my surgery. He never did and although he might be good at doing the procedures he does, he has become so greedy that he doesn't care about his patients the way he should. I have received so much support, empathy and great advice through his site and I knew at some point someone from his office was going to show up here to defend him, so I expected it, but the pictures speak for themselves!
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