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I bought two different packages with different...

I bought two different packages with different spas so that's why cost was around $200 (One spa was from a groupon deal, the other I paid full price for the treatment). The first place was a joke. The ONE treatment I did (I was suppose to have two with my groupon deal) the "doctor" took an hour to finally come into my room and then proceeded to inject WAY more areas then I had told him to. I have one big vein that is showing on my right thigh which was the main reason I was there. He suddenly was finding all kinds of small spider veins that I had never seen before????

The second place I went to was SO much better. Not only did she use a cooling blast of air to try and help with the burning sensation, but she took her time and was thorough in explaining everything.

My overall satisfaction with it is just MEH. I can still see the bigger vein a little (although it isn't as prominent as it was before).... but was really aggravates me is the whole area surrounding that vein actually looks like the whole area is bruised because there's more veins that are visible now. This upset me because before I only had that ONE vein, and now I have more that are visible.

I have read that some people have "leaky" veins and sclerotherapy ends up actually making the situation worse. I am guessing that is what has happened here. It states that you actually have to have the vein removed surgically OR some sort of special laser would need to be used?? (I think that's what I read). Either way I'm sort of mad that this mad that part of my thigh look bruised all the time.

(It's been 8 months to a year since all of these treatments and they still don't look any better)

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If the results had been better I would have given a better rating.

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