Full Lip Color, Cherry Red. Saint Augustine, FL

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Finally got my full lip coloring done yesterday,...

Finally got my full lip coloring done yesterday, the artist used a mixed color of Pink & Red since I asked for light colors, I have never done this procedure before, so I was very excited to do it. She used numbing gel but it didn't help in the beginning, my tears dropped for the first 30 mins, she coloring my lips for 3-4 times by using 3 sizes needles, the procedure was done in 2.5 hours, my lips are swollen badly n numb this morning.

Day 2 slightly to peel off

Day 2

By the end of the day, half of the color was peeled off

Day 3 color is totally off! Is this right?

I have been applying Vaseline intensity after the procedure is done, yesterday the surface color was coming off gradually, I used qtip and Vaseline to clean the color, today it's almost gone in the afternoon, color looks really light to me, feel a little bit worried that the color didn't absorb well, let's see how the color will show up in the next few days

Day 3-5

Some updates from this week, I had some cold sores showing up on my left upper lip, the artist said that's normal, I got Neosporin applied everyday. It recovers slowly

Day 8

Day 9

Day 10/11

Day 16

I am actually not satisfied with my lips color now, they look faded just like before, need to do a second color

1 month + 10days

I'm getting my second lip color job in 2 weeks, this time I will go for a much deeper color instead.

Second coloring job is done!

I picked a darker color for the 2nd lips coloring! After this I won't do more. This is it.

Day 1

Touch-up Day 2

I would say this requires patience, peeling off has began!

Day 3

Day 4

Love the new color!

Day 5

Day 6-7

Day 7-10

Day 11

Day 17

Nearly 3 weeks Mark

Nearly a month!

Color is showing, a little bit dark than I wanted. Maybe I will get a second touch up. Overall the swelling was overwhelming. Don't want to have that again. Btw, I got my eyeliner done last week. It's the best decision I ever made, wake up with full makeup on is a wonderful experience!

A year after, still thrilled

I still use lipsticks tho!
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