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sad summer

Breast Augmentation

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14 Sep 2016

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sad summer - Columbus, TX

Seemed nice enough. After my breast augmentation surgery and healing. My incision are about three inches a piece he told they would be inch at most. My left breast the breast pocket itself is about a inch lower than the right creating a double bubble and no crease to hide incision. He blamed it on my breast shape which to be honest i actually believed him at first until i noticed how low the implant sat on my rib cage. His solution was to put fat in the breast to hide the double bubble. Not changing the fact it sat way to low and no (boob cheek or crease) . if i would have known this is what i would ended up with i would have NOT wasted my money. I feel like i was taken for a fool and my self esteem plummeted this summer. Dont waste your time or money on this doctor.