Benelli Lift w/ Mentor Implants 455/480, Extended TT w/Muscle Repair, Thigh Lift, and Lipo

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Like many others I've been on here stalking for a...

Like many others I've been on here stalking for a few months and finally decided to start my review! I've always been unhappy with my breast as they were slightly tuberous and small with huge areolaes. EVERYONE in my family except me has huge boobs Lol!
Anyhow getting pregnant at 17 it took a toll on my body, it was really hard to see all that extra skin and stretch marks a such a young age. My weight flucuated up and down after that and continued through having all three children. In 2012 I finally got out an abusive relationship with my children's father and got healthy, mentally and physically. I began eating right and running and have lost 65 lbs! I have kept it all off with the exception of 5lbs that sneaks on and off here and there (which here now). I'm only 5'1 so that was a TON of weight on my short body. I haven't been exercising and really need to get back to especially before surgery. My is to start in the next few days and attempt to get to 125 before surgery.

Choosing Dr. Green

I researched surgeons for months looking at all their before and afters like crazy. I wasn't willing to travel more than 1.5 hrs. Finally I found Dr. Green's website and fell in love with his results. Made my consultation appt. for July 22 at the Sacramento office and paid the non-refundable $60 fee (It will be deducted off surgery if booked within 3 months). He was about 30-35 min behind but honestly I try to cut Doctors and health care providers some slack. They are usually caring for other patients and I want them to take the same time to care for me. So I wasn't bothered at all and once he came in and we talked about the different procedures I knew he was the right one. He gave us his undivided attention and explained all my options in great detail. I really could use a full lift but not quite ready for all of the scars just yet. Mostly want a little lift and reduction on my areolaes, I really hate how big they are. I decided that day I wanted to do Lipo of flanks, full TT, and Benelli lift with implants and we got the quote from Rosie. I just loved her! She is so so sweet and took a lot of time with us even though the office was already closed. At first after we paid the deposit with Dr. Green I got a little nervous since he was the only surgeon I met with, but now I feel confident in my choice!

Second consultation = more money!

After the first consult I really started researching I couldn't get enough of this site, but I ended up having even more questions. Called into the office a few times and got them answered and then ended up booking another appt. to talk with Dr. Green. By the time my appt. came I had about 25-30 more questions which he was very patient with me! He was with me probably 30+ minutes and I didn't feel rushed. It was actually very helpful to go back the second time. The first time there's so much info and I didn't take it all in. One of my questions was about a thigh lift and if it would be worth it. All I need is a "mini" thigh lift with incisions in the groin area. So I thought about it for a few days and decided to go ahead and add it in. I am little nervous that surgery could be up 5.5 hrs with the additional procedure. Hopefully all the pain I am going to put myself through will be completely worth next summer!

11 days until my Pre-Op Appt and a little over 6 wks. until surgery day!

Time is going pretty fast right now, especially with the holidays! I know the last three before surgery are going to drag on and the nerves are going to set in big time.
Haven't started exercising yet but plan to get going first thing Monday and continue daily until Jan. 21!!

Yay for Boobie Wish pics!

I love this site it has been an invaluable resource from the beginning! Thank you for all sharing your journey and of course the pictures! The first three are very similarly me pre-surgery and the last two I just really like. The thought never once crossed my mind I would ever be looking at other woman's boobs with my finance LOL! I think he's getting tired of me asking "What about these or these?" and just talking about it in general.
The last picture is of me pre-baby and although I'll never look like that again no matter how many procedures I have I would love for my belly button afterwards to look similar. I always liked my belly button before I had kids. ????

Pre-Op is tomorrow! Super excited- 36 Days until my MMO & 10 days Smoke-Free

Looking forward to my pre-op consultation! Just a little over a month to go until surgery and time is still passing quickly. I've also been trying not to think about it too much and focus on the holidays. It was completely consuming every aspect of my life LOL.

As for the smoking I wasn't going to add anything related here because not many people know I smoke and I'm embarrassed that I started again. Started smoking at amyoung age and quit after I got pregnant with my oldest. Didn't smoke for about 17 years and started up again last year. So I've been slowly cutting back and about a month ago I "quit" but then went to a few parties and had a cigarette or two and had to start over, AGAIN! I think I'm at a point now where I'm good I just really need to be carful in those social situations.
As for exercising I finally started after weighing myself. The holidays and not smoking have added a few lbs. For now I've decided not to try and lose any weight but just want to strengthen my heart and lungs for surgery. I am not going to eat whatever in any amount I want but attempting to be as healthy as possible.

For those of you already past this point just curious what to expect at my appt. tomorrow?

Pre-op Done!

I think my appt. went pretty well. Dr. Green was pretty late but we weren't in a rush so it worked out ok.
Thigh lift-
We went over thigh lift incisions and they will go in the groin area to my butt cheek crease. Basically the scars will be along my panty line. We also talked about anchoring to prevent as much scar stretching as possible, but some will likely happen regardless. As of now I'm ok with that. If I can get a 50% improvement from where I am now I believe I will be thrilled.

Tummy Tuck w/ Lipo of flanks
My scar will go around my hips maybe 1-2 around towards the back but should be pretty low in the front. I'll need muscle tightening and will get Lipo of the flanks.

Lift and Implants w/side boob Lipo-
I've decided on 450cc. My boyfriend and I both liked that size best. Started at 350, 400, 450, & 500. 500 was way too big and made me look boxy. 350 was fine and so was 400 but I want to go as big as I can and still look good.
Dr. Green is saying 400ish so I'll leave it up to him on the final size and profile. However he know knows I would like UHP.
For the breast lift I still plan on going with the Benelli (Donut) Mastopexy and should get a few cm of lift just from that and then the implants will add more of a lift.
All in all it was a lot of fun trying on the sizers and talking more specifically about my procedures. It's starting to feel real! I am so excited!
Oh and I'm doing this on my small phone so hopefully there isn't too many mistakes. :)

Uhh why can't family and friends be more supportive?

I was so excited about my pre-op and told one of my sisters my size and sent her a pic. Her response "oh that's huge.....I wouldn't do that". This coming from a person who will still have bigger boobs than I will after my surgery. Everyone in my family has HUGE boobs and they all keep saying don't go big you'll regret it. But if they got a lift or had anything done they wouldn't go any smaller. I just don't get it, not even a little.
It's so frustrating and I've seen it here time and time again. They can't see past their own opinions whether based in underlying jealousy or they just don't agree with having plastic surgery. It's not right especially when someone is so excited about doing this. We need complete emotional is support because let's be honest, it's one of the most physically painful things we'll ever experience.
My boyfriend who is absolutely amazing keeps reminding me to not let them get to you, this is for you not them. He's completely right and so far I have brushed it off but it still stings a little. I guess I just can't expect them to be any different.
My question is how do you deal with that when they'll be helping out after surgery? Feeling a little nervous about it. My boyfriend is only taking a week off so he'll have to take more time off or maybe after a week I'll be okay by myself during the day?
Thank you if you made it through this! Vent over....for now.

Less than a month to go and almost 3 weeks no smoking!

Getting more and more excited, but also feeling the nervousness kicking in too. It's not too much just mostly going under anesthesia. Trying to keep a positive attitude! Yay for me, no smoking for almost 3 weeks now and feeling like I've got it down. Still having some cravings but I am scared to death of adding any additional risks to my surgery.

Went back yesterday to try on sizers.....again.

This is such a tough decision to make! Also adding to my indecisiveness was my boyfriends picture taking at my preop. I wasn't clear enough about why I wanted him to take pictures so we ended up not getting all the pics I needed of the different sizes. Also we couldn't separate out exactly what size was in each pic even though we went in order from 350-500. But really it's okay because I'm 100% in my decision to stay at 450 (if Dr. Green can get that in there)!

Decided to bring extra tops to try on with sizers. However I could only wear one of them so I now know I'll be buying a lot of new tops. The majority of what I own is made for my small boobies but can't wait to add some new stuff in there.

Paid in full and 3 weeks to go!

I did my optional blood work yesterday so hopefully I'll have the results back by Monday. Just wrote a check for a little over 15k and man that was tough!
Starting to get a little nervous about my thigh lift, it's really hard to find many happy patients with groin incisions like I'll have. I do trust my doc 100% so I need to keep reminding myself about that and try not to worry as much. I am really looking forward to the after and getting wear all my clothing comfortably, especially jeans!
Almost 4 weeks smoke free and it's been a little tough lately with cravings, however I'm not going to even take the smallest chance by taking a puff here or there. IT'S NOT WORTH IT! So I'll get though them and really I am thankful to be smoke free. Saving the money is also great too!
Starting to pick up supplies here and there. Found a brand new walker at the local thrift shop for a whole $2 bucks!
So thats pretty much it for surgery related news. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday and will have a Happy New Year!

8 days to go......"nesting" has begun!

Time has really gone by so fast I can't believe next Thursday I'll have my life changing transformation!
I didn't think the whole nesting thing would happen to me, but sure enough yesterday morning I decided I needed to cook. Sooo I made- baked ziti, turkey meatloaf, turkey chili, yellow curry, chicken soup, all low sodium of course! I can't believe I got all that done and in the freezer yesterday. It should be enough for 10 days maybe 12. My boyfriend is planning on cooking while he's off so I hope to save all of that for when the kids come back on the 1st. The cleaning part of it is starting as well. I've cleaned and organized almost every cabinet in my house and slowly deep cleaning. I will be even shampooing the carpets this weekend! I doubt I'll even be attempting to clean for a month after. For my mental wellbeing I "need" to get it all done LOL!
I decided to take my last before pics and measurements today. As of today I still weigh 135lbs and for my measurements-
Bust 38 in.
Ribcage 33 in.
Waist 32 in.
Hips 40 in.
R. Thigh 22.5 in.
L. Thigh 22 in.

I think I have all the supplies I need and anything else I should be getting from my Dr.
Boppy Pillow
Neck pillow
Knee wedge
Prescriptions filled
Heating pad
Hot/cold packs
Dial soap
Bio Oil
Cough drops
Go girl
1 day pill box
Bendy straws
Alcohol pads

Gosh I am really so so excited and ready for this, but still nervous at the same time! However the thigh lift scares me the most. Almost every single review I've read has some issue, most often incisions opening. I keep trying to remind myself that this summer and my new options for clothing will be fantastic!

Today's my Day! Goodbye Itty Bitty Twins and Fanny Pack!

I should still be sleeping right now for at least another 30-40 however 3:45am was apparently my wake up call. Wide awake, so excited, and so darn thirsty! Thinking of the end result- big boobs, flat tummy and tighter thighs.....summer time here I come! Please send prayers, best wishes, positive thoughts my way! Will update when I can.

Yay! Made it to the flat side!!!

This will be quick before meds kick in again.
6:30 arrival- signed paperwork & started IV
7:00 talked with Dr. G mad he marked me up. Then anesthesiologist asked ?'s pretty much normal protocol
7:30. Went to OR they washed me and then I woke up in recovery room. Only 4.5 hours! Dr. G is THE man lol
2:30 Discharged and home
Dr. G said it was a text book surgery and couldn't have gone any better!

Oh 455/480 cc's so happy! Nearly 4 inches he had to tighten my stomach-Wowza!
Meds kicking in again...
Thigh incision hurts the worst in the back area. Of course I had Exparel there so most likely would be feeling similar I suspect.
Take care ladies and happy booby day to me!
Oh last but not least the cough.... I feel the stuff loosing up and had a couple smal coughs not bad though.

First night Post op day 1 check up

After I got home on Thursday I was sore but definitely drugged up, but that first night was horrible and I probably cried several times. Pain meds helped but not enough. Threw up several times and then the cough....that *!%! Cough! I was up almost every hour awakened from the cough. I know it all needed to come but no fun at all.
Went for first post op appt. yesterday and was a quick check. Everything looks as it should. Could only get a few pics. Tummy tuck incision is nice and low, I still haven't seen thought lift incisions. They're really right in the crease. Hopefully tomorrow we'll find out how much skin and fat was removed. Also looking forward to getting some better pics and a look at the thigh lift.

3 days post-op and feeling much better!

Today has been a much much better day. Slept over a 5 hr. stretch last night and only one bathroom trip. This morning was up between bathroom time, a little waking around downstairs, and eating breakfast for about 1.5 hr. I tried to take a little walk outside after all that but only made it a few minutes. Came back took meds and went to sleep. Still laying down until next potty break and going to try to shower. Looking forward to that and will try to get more pics. Still no BM but will be happening soon I suspect.
It's so true what others have said. Every day gets better even if it's a tiny improvement it's always better. Just remind yourself when you're feeling down!
Thank you all for the wonderful support I've received here, it means so so much to me!

Omg! So happy so far!

I can't believe what a difference there already is and I'm still so swollen. Sorry for another update, but so excited not to share.

1 week down, drain free and BM-Check!

Wow what a difference a few days can make! Let's see so Monday 1/25 (2nd post-op) my first drain came out. Yesterday 1/27 (3rd post-op) my one
week-iversary second was taken out. Yay! Super happy to not have them in anymore and makes the bathroom business just a little quicker.

Seems like the middle of the night might just be my update RS time for a while now. I'm wide awake and have no distractions. It's been harder to keep this as updated as I had hoped-kudos to you ladies that can keep it up!
Moving on to the things that I can do one week out.
-Walk up and downstairs carefully of course, but didn't attempt until day 5
-Get around pretty well without my walker (a must have for a thigh lift)
-I have to force myself to stay down and do nothing! That one is a good and bad thing :)
-I can wipe and clean myself up after bathroom time
-Get in recliner chair alone although because of the thigh lift I don't do it unless absolutely necessary.
-Reposition myself in my recliner using my arms
-Get out of car unassisted
-Take clothing off
-Make cup of coffee (Keurig) and instant oatmeal
-Standing 80-90% straight most of the time
And a few other things. I think it's important to note these little milestones because time goes by so fast we don't always appreciate how far we've come in short time.

Pain has been really weird for me. The first couple days were horrible but like others have said if you stay ahead of pain and take meds it's bearable. Strange thing for me is I had Exparel on TT but my muscles cramped like crazy the first few days, maybe it worked a little not sure but certainly disappointed with that. During the day I was taking 1-1 1/2 10/325 Percocet slightly before the 4 hour mark and 2 at night around the clock for the first few days. Another odd one is my Lipo doesn't hurt at all unless pressed when garmet it being hooked closed. Haven't felt my TT or areola incisions at all. Only issue with TT was a spot on the top of my thigh that felt like razor blades cutting me. That was off and on for the first few days as well. Apparently it comes from nerves and how the incision is closed to prevent movement. My boobs have been the easiest of all. Hardly sore and haven't really had much discomfort at all. First few days was hard to use my arms because of them but now no issues at all. I've gone to Vicodin which for me is much less effective but I don't need anything as strong now. Maybe a day or two more and I'll be off all together.

Let's talk bathroom business- I wasn't eating much so didn't expect to go, but started feeling bloated. Took colace days before surgery and 2-3 times daily after. Finally day 5 I needed something else. Took max dose of MOM....nada. Next morning tried again and nothing. So used a glycerin suppository and that still took several hours (8) and then it hasn't stopped since. Luckily I have no cramping just frequent trips to the bathroom. It's frustrating, every time I go #2 I have to shower lower half to keep thigh lift incisions clean. But I guess that's better than being backed up!
My boyfriend goes back to work today and super sad, but my mom will be with me so that's nice. Plus I only have today and tomorrow and then he'll be home with me for the weekend! Missing my kiddos terribly thankfully they come back on the 1st. Will be thrilled to see them but is also going to be tough since I can't do anything for them.
Oh and found out at my appt. yesterday that between Lipo, thigh lift, and TT nearly 10 lbs was removed! Almost 5 lbs just from skin on my tummy! I added "the" pictures so if you're bothered by stuff like that proceed viewing them with caution! Also the others were taken Tuesday I believe. I am still so swollen and can tell when looking at side views also ankles and feet are as well. But resting and drinking tons of water helps a little. With everything else on this journey it will get better. :) have a great one!


OMG! I can wear a bikini!

Just want to make a little disclaimer since I have two reviews going they may be somewhat similar, but try my best to still keep them both interesting.

Went to target on Thursday, first outing besides Post-op visits in 8 days! So exciting right LOL however it was for me! Before I knew it my mom and I had been in there for about 1.5 hrs. about 3/4 of the way through the store I hit my energy wall. It was a tough long slow walk to check out and back to the car. I was exhausted but made it home. Anyhow at the store I wanted to grab a bikini since that's been one of the things I've most looked forward to trying on post surgery!

I didn't get to try it on Thursday since I had to go back to Dr. Greens office. Monday stitches were taken out of all Lipo spots and band aids put on tummy Lipo spots. At Wednesday's visit they took them off and both were a little oozy and white-YIKES! Next day one side looked completely fine but left had double in size, redness and looked like it was getting infected. Luckily all is fine so far, just need to keep it clean and dry. I learned the day not to give all of your energy to one activity. Something else may come up that you'll need it for. Yesterday I laid down all day except small walks around the house and bathoom trips.

Finally I got to try it on today and oh my goodness! I couldn't believe what I saw in the mirror and I'm still so swollen! I cried and cried my eyes out, happy thankful tears of course! I can't wait to be able to exercise, what an amazing amount of motivation that was.

Energy levels are better every day. Like I've already said still very very swollen. I did the unthinkable.....weighed myself today. I'm only 3lbs over my starting weight so that wasn't disappointing to me at all. I know I've got at least 7-8 lbs of fluid still on me. The progress I've already seen in 9 days is enough for me to be content with where I am in my healing process. Boobs still the easiest and least painful, tummy incision is great! Thigh incisions look nasty but are also coming along nicely. I might need a small revision on my butt incisions, but Dr. Green said it will be an easy in office fix. So we will wait and see how it comes along.

Ive been talking with a few other patients of the "Green Team" LOL and one gave me a great timeline to follow-
This may already be out there I just haven't come across it.
Week 1-2 increase to 25% of normal activity
Week 2-3 increase to 50% of normal activity
Week 3-4 increase to 75% of normal activity
Week 4-5 increase to 100 % normal activity as your body allows and then just wait it out until you're cleared to start exercising again!

I am so very thankful to the woman I've met here and talked with. The tips, advice, and emotional support have given me peace of mind and made me realize no matter what happens I am strong enough to get through this all!
Happy healing to you all!

2 Weeks Post-Op!

Can't believe it's already been two weeks. This will be a quick update-
I'm finally lower than my pre surgery weight. I started at 135.2 day of and this morning I'm 133.8!
Oddly enough my bust is the same but I had Lipo on the bra rolls and I'm sure the TT also helped.
38in Pre - 38 Post
Rib cage-
33in Pre - 30.5in Post = 1.5in Loss
32in Pre - 30in Post = 2in Loss
40in Pre - 37in Post = 3in Loss
R. Thigh-
22.5in Pre - 21in Post = 1.5in Loss
L. Thigh-
22in Pre - 21 post = 1 in Loss
I am very very happy with so far! Still needing lots and lots of rest. Not doing much of anything at this point except laying around, reading and watching TV. Its a little tough but I want to try and avoid any unnecessary revisions.

3 weeks Post and getting better everyday

3 weeks ago today I was just getting home from surgery! At moments it feels like it was just yesterday.

So far I'm doing pretty well. The thigh lift has been what's really kept me down. I knew that it was going to be the hardest part but I guess I didn't fully understand the impact it would have. Overall I am doing really really well. Energy is getting better everyday! Walking 20min a day plus household duties I can now do. For now that's enough exercise, trying to take it slow and steady.

TT and breast incisions are doing great! I only have two spots on my TT incision that has scabs left. One is where my old belly button is now and it's just taking its time healing. The other one is close by since a few of the dissolvable staples are sticking out I think that's what's causing that scab to stay on. Made an appt. for next week to have Dr. Green look at it. I already went in once this week and preferred to not go back again. For 3 weeks post it's looking really great, thin and pretty light. My areola incisions have a few more scabs still on but I expect those to be cleared up in a few days and then the skin can finish smoothing out.
Went for my 3 wk. post-op appt. and Dr. Green seems very happy with the way things are looking except for he Lipo spots on my tummy. We're going to do laser scar treatments to fix them. Looking forward to not having those additional scars! I can nit pick little things but we're never going to gain perfection. I am very very happy with my decision to go with Dr. Green, he is an artist!

I weighed myself today and I'm at 131! So excited about that. If you take off the weight for the implants (almost 2lbs) I'm technically under 130! I still have a few lbs of swelling left hopeful over the next week or so I'll be rid of that. Of course when I take off my garment I swell almost immediately so the garment is definitely doing its job and will continue to wear until at least 6 wks.

For measurements as of Feb. 11-
Ribs -3 inches lost
Waist -2.5 inches lost
Hips -4 inches lost
R. Thigh 1.5 inches lost
L. Thigh 1 inch lost

I needed a little retail therapy being stuck inside. Decided to purchase a few Aerie Bralettes and LOVE them! They are all so comfy and a little sexy. It's a nice change from the post-surgical bra for sure! Plus I'll continue to wear them even after I can wear regular bras again. After my Dr. appt. we went to the mall and I was sized at VS in a 34DDD. Really need a 32 band but the cups aren't big enough. I measured myself in a 32H or 32FF! I know things will change a little bit my breast aren't really swollen anymore. So need to wait for them to drop and fluff!

Still not driving yet. Thinking I should be comfortable enough next week- thigh lift problems. I can't wait to have a little more freedom and not rely on other people.

I will probably just update on a weekly basis and then go to once a month. :)

I knew I was forgetting something

And also needed to add some pictures that the RS app cut out of my post. I'm becoming less and less pleased with that darn app. Moving on at my appt. this week I mentioned that my left implant (bigger one) was really high compared to the left so he agreed gave me a compression strap to wear for the next 3 weeks until my 6. wk appt. Hopefully it works so I can finally see the lower pole of my left side fill in like the right.
And I had mentioned several dissolvable staples are coming out from under my TT incision. Also mentioned the scabs in my areola well accidentally knocked one off after showering and realized there a sutured sticking out there and on the end of my right side TT incision. Hopefully they'll be easy to remove at my next appt.

6 wks. + 1 day!

Time is moving at a pretty normal pace for me now at 6 wks. post-op but energy level is about 80%. I think once I start exercising I'll be back to my normal level. Dr. Green has done a phenomenal job and I still have a lot more healing and progress to get to my final results! I'm down to 129lbs from 135.2 day of surgery. Implants are about 2lbs so really about 127 and very happy about that! Thinking I still have couple more lbs of swelling left and want to get to 125 then really start toning up this new sexy remodel I've got!

Today is the first day I've gone almost 24 hrs without my garment or any type of compression. So far doing fairly well swollen and maybe slightly uncomfortable but definitely tolerable. I feel that's especially promising considering I'm at 12k steps today! Looking forward to saying goodbye to that darn thing for good and hopefully never have to wear one ever again....of course I'll need to put some serious workouts in for that to happen.

Heading to Disneyland this weekend and feeling a little nervous about all the walking. I should be ok and can always go back to the hotel to rest while everyone else stays and plays. Still should be a great time either way!

Implants are slowly falling into place still very high and softening up nicely! OMG I love having them! My right side is great but the left is still riding high which I feel is visible in pics and IRL, it's just par for the course with me it seems. Looking forward to the lefty filling out the lower pole. I have what I think is retained areolas on the bottom right along my scar on both sides. I had rather large ones and knew that was a possibility of happening beforehand. I'll ask about that at my next appt in 1.5 wks.

Tummy tuck is coming along so well! My incision is so thin and light. It's going to look perfect after its all healed. I haven't started doing any type of scar treatment yet because I'm one of the lucky people who's body doesn't like foreign objects! Seriously Dr. Green was surprised when he saw all the spitting stitches and staples I was dealing with. Considering I'm not doing anything yet and it looks this good I'm not worried about it at all. Plus all the bikinis I've put on (even super low) hide my scar perfectly I love it! :)

Back to the spitting stitches and staples- I had 2-3 around each areola and one on each at the bottom doesn't look pretty right now, but it's also along the area with what I think is retained areola. So we'll see what happens there. Tummy tuck dissolvable staples have made some dots along the incision but Im going to laser those and the Lipo spots on my tummy. Also spitting staples from my thigh lift too. Again just one of the lucky ones lol!

Thigh lift incisions are slowly coming along and flattening out. I went back and looked at my 3 wk pics and my goodness what a difference! Still worried about the extra crease I now have under my normal butt cheek crease and still feel like I'll need a touch up of some kind there. Plus my left leg is smaller than my right and noticeable to me. I'll ask about that at my next appt. Although a revision will be a bummer I would much rather him be conservative in the beginning and be able to fix it rather than taking too much in the first place. No thank you labia spreading and scar migration! I knew going in with the thigh lift surgery that it is one of the trickiest and problematic so I am 100% ok with the chance of revision, I completely trust my Dr! Plus besides incisions rubbing and spitting staples I've had no real problems, no wound issues, no infections just a little inconvenience and discomfort. In the long run after spending over $20,000 do I really want to rush my recovery? Heck no! I think this is a huge investment and why in the world would I want to risk messing anything up! Take your time healing ladies you'll be happier in the end!

Just about 3 months now- the good, bad, and ugly

Time isn't slowing down one bit. I've meant to come and update many times but just haven't been able to get it together.

3 months post and my life is back to the way it was pre surgery. I feel like I have quite a bit to update but not sure where to start!
We just got back from Vegas and it was a blast! I am just loving my new body and can finally wear a bikini and all the cute and sexy stuff that was never an option before. I know I'll never have the body I did before kiddos so I am making the best of the one I now have!

I guess we can start from the top-
Implants are slowly softening, they jiggle and bounce nicely. It really is so much fun to have these girls! I don't regret for one second getting them and very happy with my size!
Even though they are quite big (still 34 DDD) wearing just my regular bra and light jog isn't uncomfortable at all on the rare occasion I've had to move quickly. Now with that said I will always always wear a super supportive sports bra while exercising since I need to protect the investment!
Left side is still higher but at this point I'm not sure if it's just my build/body type that's keeping it from filling out the inside lower pole? I've also been taking singular and vitamin E for the lefty for over a month now and have 1 more to go. At my next appt. with Dr. Green I'll ask if I should continue for a third month. I have no idea if it's helped or not but it can't hurt to try. At 3 months post I still have some rippling from the areola reduction and also unsure how much longer that will take to smooth out. Scars around the nipple are healing very nicely and are already white it most places. The red spots are mostly where I had spitting stitches that took longer to heal. I definitely have retained areola but I'm not so sure I want to have a revision to remove the rest of it. I'll give myself some time and see how I feel down the road. Looking at my preop photos now I didn't realize just how big my areolas were!

Tummy tuck scar is healing beautifully and love love love how low and fine my scar is! It is still red which is to be expected at this point. I know it will fade and be barley noticeable down the road. I will take this extended Tummy tuck scar over what I had before any day! Plus it is hidden very well with all of the bikinis I have so that's a win win! My only concern with the scar is that it dents in quite a bit on both side more so on the left. I though with the extended scar that wouldn't happen. Still need to remind myself I'm only 3 months post and still have a ways to go to the final outcome. So for now we wait :)
Swelling is gone most days and haven't worn any type of compression or spanx since 6 weeks. However if I don't drink enough water I notice more swelling. I can eat most any type of food now as long as I flush it out with water. I try to drink at least 40oz a day and my goal is 80. I have noticed that 60 oz a day seems to be just right for my body and anything extra is a bonus.
Thigh lift scars are healing well too. They're still red as well but that will change in time. I will be having a revision May 12 for the unevenness. I'm torn about it because I really want to wait but it's bothering me so much I don't think I can do it. Plus summer is getting closer and I don't want to be self conscious about it every time I'm in a swimsuit or wear a coverup. So for now it's on the books.

That's it for now but feel free to ask questions!

1st revision done 10/13

Can't believe it's already been 9 months since I had my surgery! I haven't updated because I've been frustrated with weight gain. I don't understand why it's happening I haven't done much different than before surgery but now keep gaining weight. I'm up 10 lbs which is 5 more than the weight that I was before surgery. So I've been trying to eat better and exercising regularly. Hopefully I'll be back down the 10 in the next couple months!
Last week I had my first revision under local and it was pretty uncomfortable but absolutely nothing compared to my MMO! I had three procedures at my appointment.
My areolas were not as small as I would have liked from the beginning and they had stretched out to about 6cm but still much smaller than before surgery. Dr. Green reduced them down to 42mm and this time used permanent sutures
(Gore-Tex). So far I am absolutely thrilled they are perfect size and even got a little more lift too! The only thing about permanent sutures is you can feel them a little so its probably something I'll have to get used to.
TT scar touch up on both hips but the right side had about 4in that needed to be redone because the scar had constricted and dented in quite a bit. And had touch up Lipo on both hips and lower back. He removed 400 cc of fat so that was a decent amount but was hoping for a little more. The lipo was the most painful because I had a hard time getting numb enough from the local.
Overall it wasn't a terrible experience and even though painful most definitely worth it! I decided to wait on the thigh lift revision until I'm around 1yr to let the scars mature as much as possible. Hope to do a full update in the next few weeks. Added a few pictures but completely forgot to take some right before my appointment.
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