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I am a single mom who is ready to o make a big...

I am a single mom who is ready to o make a big change for herself and no one else. I have always wanted breasts but never got them. And I've always thought it's so superficial to have implants. Now at 40 and still a 32A I've matured in my views about BA. I believe medical science has developed this for people like me. But want to make sure I am doing this for myself and not someone else. I've been single for nearly 4 yrs now and not dating. I have a toddler. And I have finally decided to do this for me because I am tired to staring at a 10yo body. I'm about a few days out before my surgery and have decided to go with silicone. I really wanted ideal implants at first but i've since changed my mind. i'm a bit apprehensive about my upcoming surgery. Hoping for the best but fear the worst. Will post updates once I've gone through it and share my experience.

Few dates postop

I had my BA on feb 24th. I can't remember much on that day since I was heavily medicated. I didn't feel much pain except something was different. Not much nausea. Somehow I felt like was rushed out of the recovery since I've been there for two hrs already. I don't exactly recall. My friend took care good care of me. I was in and out of consciousness. Sorry I won't be posting any pic. I am a 32A, 5ft tall petite in stature. I chose to do silicone. I wanted 325 cc but doc thought that would be too big fri his experience. So we compromised on 300cc. I think I should have fought for the 325 but figure I'll trust his judgement. Time will only tell who' right. Currently I am just swollen. I hope that they will settle but time and patience can only tell. Will keep posted. I can raise my arms and was able to shower. All is normal. I've decided to stop taking my meds because I do not like that feeling of not knowing what I am doing or where I am
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