Smart Lipo - Lower/Upper Abs and "Love Handles" - Sacramento, CA

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I am 50 years old and I had smart lipo done on...

I am 50 years old and I had smart lipo done on 03/14/16. I was a little nervous not knowing what to expect but thanks to my surgeon it went pretty smoothly. I had quite the "pouch" on my stomach and even the Dr. wasn't sure how good my results would be. The surgery itself went smoothly. The first week was probably the worst pain but it wasn't too bad. It was mainly painful to get up and down. I think the one thing most people don't realize is the healing time. My Dr. told me to give my body 6 months to see the full result and he was right. I have gone down 6 sizes in 4 months and I will still shrink some more. I have given my body the time it needs to heal and changed my eating habits also. If you are going to have this procedure and continute to fill your body with junk food, it's going to come back! If you think this is some kind of miracle surgery for instant results, don't do it! It is a lengthy healing process but I was never in a lot of pain, mainly swelling and a burning sensation. I was fortunate that I had an excellent surgeon and my body responded very well to the procedure. My advice is to do your research, ask questions, know what to expect and research your surgeon!

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Dr. "K" and his staff are amazing! You can ask any of them questions and they will take the time to answer with a smile on their face. I had Smart Lipo done on my lower/upper abdomen and "love handles". My results were absolutely amazing! A tummy tuck was recommended to get real good results but it's not something I wanted to put myself through, even Dr. K was amazed at my results. I felt very comfortable with Dr. K and his staff from the first time I walked in for my consultation. He takes so much pride in his work and he wants you to look good just as much as you do! He is a true artist in my eyes and he has made me feel better about myself than I ever have! I highly recommend him and will be forever grateful to him for giving me the self esteem I never had.

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