Had Surgery July 2nd!

I've been self conscious about my nose since I was...

I've been self conscious about my nose since I was 11. I'm almost 19 and recently have gotten serious about actually having the surgery done. So far I've been to three different doctors. The last surgeon I met with (a rhinoplasty specialist) was my favorite. I'm going to go over everything with my mom this weekend and if things go as planned I should have a date set for surgery by next week :)

My biggest fear for surgery is that I won't like how it turns out :( or it looks worse than it did to begin with. There's so many horror story's of botched nose jobs and I'm a very particular person which makes me scared ill dislike the result. But overall I'm looking for improvement-- not perfection!

My family of course tells me I'm so pretty and don't need a nose job. I'd love to hear anyone's thoughts though! :) ill add before/after photos from my consultation of my nose morphed into the (possible) post-op look. Let me know if it looks too small for my face, shorter/longer, more/less sloped, etc etc!:)


Oops I guess I was too vague, I meant I'll schedule the date for surgery this week! The actual surgery isn't until June :)

Just made a consultation with Dr. Clutter

I thought I had my mind completely made up to do my surgery with Dr. Richard Clark, but after hearing a few great things about Dr. Clutter on here I decided to make a consultation with him! It's going to be my fourth consultation but when it comes to something smack dab in the middle of my face it can't hurt to shop around some more for a phenomenal plastic surgeon. What really attracted me to him is that he mainly operates on noses (like Dr. Clark). One major concern I have with Dr. Clutter is that he doesn't do digital imaging of possible before/after outcomes. I feel like without the image morphing theres a high chance the surgeon and I could be on completely different pages about what the end result will look like :/

Just throwing it out there

I don't want a totally different nose! I still want to look like me but an improved version. No bump, refined tip, less droopy but not super upturned miss piggy like. These pictures show what Im talking about better than the ones I have up



Scheduled yet another consultation!

Ok sooo I scheduled a second consultation with the Surgeon I had my consultation with the other week. He's the one that did the morph before/after pictures I posted. Even though the original consultation was extremely thorough and he examined every aspect of my nose, I wasn't definite on what I specifically wanted my nose to look like post-op. Im planning on printing out pictures to show exactly what I'd like and to get his opinion on whether its "doable" or not. The second consultation with this doc is scheduled for a couple days after my consultation with Dr. Clutter. I'm debating on whether or not I should cancel my consultation with Dr. Clutter because its costing me another $125 and I have a gut feeling ill end up going with the surgeon I'm having a 2nd consult with. Ahh thoughts anyone? OH and I'm going to attach a couple of the pictures I plan on bringing in of noses I'd like mine to look like that I feel have similar features to mine. I should also say Im not looking to have the EXACT nose in the photos lol just a visual aid of what I like and think would suit my face :)

Put down the deposit

for my surgery on July 2nd. Ahhh can't believe it. I'm happy, excited, and nervous all at the same time

12 days til surgery!

Okay so my last post was super short and I haven't had a chance to write a thorough update til now. My situation is kinda different because I attend college out of state and my summer class doesn't end for another week. That means I couldn't go back home for the usual 2 week preop appointment. So I did all my blood work at a LabCorp out here and had a 40 minute "preop" on the phone lol. My actual preop is scheduled for June 26 so I can go over all my questions, get my prescriptions and just have a meeting of the minds with my surgeon. :)

6 more days

Til surgery! Have my preop appointment tomorrow.

Pre Op Appointment

Just got home from my pre op! Everything went well, except my resting heart rate was pretty high (in the 100s). I take Adderall, which is a stimulant, so it can definitely cause your heart to race. I'm super healthy and have never had any kind of health problems so that was a little weird. Dr. Clark asked me to stop taking it and I'm going to go back in a couple days to get my heart rate checked again. Anyways besides that, the appointment was almost 2 hours long! He definitely tries to spend enough time with each patient without being rushed. I got to ask all my questions and we went over the imaging again to finalize the goal. Dropped off my prescriptions at CVS on the way home so Ill probably pick them up later today. One of the prescriptions is for Xanax which ill take the night before surgery and again the following morning. Definitely happy about that because I'm already anxious enough as it is lol I can only imagine what a nervous wreck ill be the night before. Only 5 more days til surgery!

10 hours till surgery!!!

Ahhhhhh I can hardly believe it! I'm so excited! Well I'm going to try and get some beauty sleep before I have to be up at 8AM. Sweet dreams everyone :)

Had my surgery this morning!!!

Got there at 9 am and the procedure started at 10 am. Everything is pretty much a blur lol I don't even remember leaving to go home. But Dr Clark and the nurses were so sweet before and made sure I was comfortable. I've had no nausea or throwing up!! I'm so surprised that I have absolutely zero pain! I had my wisdom teeth taken out 8 weeks ago and thought the pain and discomfort would be similar to a rhinoplasty (or worse) but I feel no pain at all! When I got home I fell asleep on the reclining love seat in my living room so I could sleep with my head elevated. I was COMPLETELY knocked out lol my mom was changing my drip pad under my nose several times and continuously applying 2x2 iced gauze to my eyes without waking me up. Also not much bruising or swelling yet. I'll ad a couple pictures!

Oops accidentally hit submit too early

Here's a couple more pics

1st Day Post Op!

I've been doing surprisingly well! I haven't had any pain or nausea yet. The bruising around my eyes is pretty minimal. I've been using 2x2 iced gauze compresses on my eyes and I think that really helped the swelling/bruising (I haven't used any arnica pills or gels etc). Anyways! Today I took my drip pad off and cleaned outside my nostrils and a tiny bit of the inside with a q-tip and hydrogen peroxide. I had a closed rhinoplasty so I don't have any visible sutures on the outside underneath my nose to clean! Then a few hours after that I had a post op appointment with Dr. Clark. I didn't have any packing or splints in my nose but he did a thorough cleaning on the inside with long q-tips and put ointment inside my nostrils too! Hoping my bruising and swelling stays down but I think the next couple days are supposed to be the worst.

Day 2 Post Op

Not much to update on since yesterday. Haven't had any pain other than when I woke up this morning with a minor stinging feeling in my nostril, but a little tylonel took care of that. My bruising is about the same except some yellowing under my eyes. My eyes are so swollen though and puffy!!

Day 2 Pictures

Accidentally hit update too early again lol here's what I look like today

Day 4

The bruising around my eyes is slowly starting to get better. Right now it looks like I have yellow circles around my eyes. Yesterday when I woke up I looked in the mirror and my cheeks are SO swollen. My face looks like a fat chipmunk lol but seriously it's just as bad if not worse than when I had my wisdom teeth removed. Didn't expect that to happen! Sleeping hasn't been too bad... I thought sleeping on my back with my head elevated would be worse than it actually is. The worst part is when I get an itch on my nose under my cast !!! It's torture not being able to scratch it! I can kinda breath threw my nose now but it's still pretty stuffy so I just stick to breathing out of my mouth. I feel kinda blah and gross. Im dying to take a shower and wash my face and hair!!!! But besides those little annoyances, from what I can see of my nose it's looking good! I can't wait to see how I look in a few weeks when the swelling goes away and I look more normal :)

Day 7

Getting the cast off in an hour!! Soo excited! I'll post pictures later :)

Cast is off!!!

On my way home from getting the cast off. It hurt like a mofo lol but here it is!!!!! :) Im so happy with how it's looking and it's only going to look better as time goes on!

Some pics from before surgery

I thought I'd post some pictures from before surgery because its hard to see a difference in the pictures my plastic surgeon took. I still can't really smile but from what I've read online it'll take a couple weeks to return!

Nose taped

Went in for another post op appointment and the Dr taped my nose. My bruising still isn't completely gone but here's some pics!


I've been so focused on how my nose looks from the side I kinda forgot how it looked from underneath. I never disliked the way my nose looked from an underneath point of view, so I was pleasantly surprised when I noticed it looks WAY better than it used to! I didn't realize how crooked it actually was before surgery.

16 days post op

Before and after

Made some side by side pictures to show the difference :)

A little worried

I just noticed my tip is more bulbous/swollen looking than it was when I was 12 days post op. I'm on day 20 so I thought it was a little weird that my tip is getting LESS refined... I thought it was supposed to be the opposite. I've tried researching it but can't find anything on the swelling peaking around this time. I'm really hoping its just swelling and not my nose going back to its old shape

1 month and 30 days post op

Wow time flies! Here are some before/after pictures :)

More before & after pictures

Ok so I was hesitant to add these pics because the 'before's are sooo bad lol but I think these will be useful since they show how such a small change can make a huge difference in your face


Hey everyone! So a quick update; just wanted to say I am SO happy I got this surgery. Before surgery my nose was all I saw when I looked in the mirror and I hated taking pictures because of it! Now my nose doesn't distract from my eyes and smile. :) There is a slight bump on my bridge that my surgeon said may go away and if it doesn't in 6 months it'll be very simple to file down. Other than that I'm thrilled.

My advice to anyone considering rhinoplasty is to go in with an open mind and ask yourself if you'll still be happy if your nose is a little too upturned, not as small as you'd like etc etc. anyways thanks for all the comments everyone! :)

2 months and 22 days post op!

Just a quick update with some comparison photos :)

5 months 7 days post op!

Hey everyone. Wow I can't believe more than 5 months have already gone by! Here are some photo collages I made to show how my nose has progressed so far. :)

The first 3 photo collages are of my left profile; starting the morning of surgery and ends with a pic of me this morning! The 4th collage is of my 3/4 view. I don't have as many pictures of that angle as I do profile pictures so that's why there's only 1 lol. And the last picture is a side by side comparison of me smiling pre and post surgery! Feel free to ask questions if you have any :D

11 months 5 days post op

Wow I can't believe it's almost been a year! I've gotten a couple messages asking for a front view shot so here's a comparison of the swelling 2 weeks post op vs 11 months

1 year 1 month & 3 days post op

OMG I cannot believe I've already hit the one year mark! To my knowledge, swelling is supposed to be 99% gone after a year. It's really weird looking back at pictures from a few weeks after surgery and even a couple months after because I think my nose looked so swollen and turned up but I remember thinking it looked amazing lol. I think it was around the 8-9 month mark that I really started seeing definition in the tip of my nose.

Also, I have gotten a couple messages asking if I would recommend Dr. Clark. I don't want to put myself in the position to recommend someone on something so personal and then have someone end up being disappointed with the results, so I will just say that personally, I am very happy I went with Dr. Clark!!! I hope that makes sense lol :)

Any questions or comments please leave below! :)

Photo of 7 months vs 1 year

Requested :)
Sacramento Plastic Surgeon

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