My 26th Birthday Present - Sacramento, CA

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Well I'm a mom of four, beautiful daughters but...

Well I'm a mom of four, beautiful daughters but have the typical sagging breasts and flubby tummy. I am currently working on getting myself in the best shape possible in preparation for next years surgery. I will be doing a tummy tuck, liposuction, and a breast enhancement. I am trying to decide between Kaufman and Clark with Dr. Clark or Sacramento Plastic Surgery Center with Dr. Green.

I chose a doctor !

I decided to go with Dr. Perry at Chrysalis. I called today to find out how much money to withdraw for my consult and now all I need to do is find out when the hubby's next day off is :) Then I will schedule my consult and book my surgery on the same day ! :)

Well it's the night before my consult

It's 2:42 am and I have decided not to go to the consult and not to have surgery. I have four beautiful daughters who idolize me. I do not need to take the long expensive walk down surgery lane. There are always going to be flaws but I just cannot stuff my body with silicone, no matter how good it looks on other people. I am far too holistic for that. I am so relieved to have made this decision. Good bye real self.
Sacramento Plastic Surgery Center

I have not met with him yet but his work is very nice.

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