5'3", 112 Lbs, Sientra 275-300cc Silicone Undermuscle - Sacramento, CA

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My surgery is 2 days away, August 25th. I am...

My surgery is 2 days away, August 25th. I am getting less excited and more nervous. I had my pre-op last Monday, brought a girl friend of mine with me. Sometimes you need a second pair of eyes, right? I decided 250-275cc on the size. As the surgery getting closer and after too much of more reading (too much reading sometimes is not good. lol....), I want to change to 275-300cc. I want larger boobs than what I have now and look as natural as possible. I am afraid I have boob greed and regret later. I know the larger I go the less natural they will look. PS said she will decide for me on Thursday. I've seen her work so I trust her completely.

I bought 2 front close sport bras. Per other reviewers' advice, I bought a 34 and 36 (I am a 32). Don't know how swollen I'll be. Got my pain med prescription filled. I am all ready. I'll post before and after pictures later. Wish me luck.

Day 1-2

I vaguely remember things that happened on the day of the surgery. I remember talking to the PS about resizing my nipples. After breastfed 2 kids, they are bigger than I desired. I remembered the nurse injected something in the IV and said "this will help you relax". The next thing was the bumpy ride home. Ouch. I woke up a couple of hours later starving. I was still groggy, couldn't sit straight or opened my eyes so my son fed me. What a sweetheart. Took an oxycodone. And went back to bed. Who knows I am allergic to oxycodone. I took them before with no problems. So I was itchy from the next down to my ankles.
Talked to the PS office the next day, they told me to stay off the oxycodone. Take a Benadryl for the itch and Tylenol for pain. Feeling alright after the Bernadryl. Feeling more pain but tolerable.
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