Latisse Effects Are Reversing... - Sacramento, CA

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I wanted long, beautiful lashes. Mine were stumpy...

I wanted long, beautiful lashes. Mine were stumpy and seemed to be getting thinner with age. So--I decided to try it. The first couple of months my lashes grew longer, but stayed spider leg thin. Probably into the 4th month they finally filled in and got a bit thicker. I'd say I was able to enjoy the full "effects" for a month or two before the results started reversing on me.
My lashes now are thinning out again, and I have lost volume. They are back to being "spidery" in certain places, but sparse in others.
I have not changed my usage--so I am really bummed out that this is happening.
Of course my dermatologist's office states that they have NEVER heard of this happening before...but research online tells me that my experience is pretty common.
I'm not sure if I should just stop using it or maybe cut down on my usage--instead of daily maybe to a few times a week?
Probably would have thought twice about using Latisse if I knew the results would be fleeting. Wish the makers of this product would publish this information. Oh, I also got a bit of discoloring around my eyes--nothing major, but I definitely notice a difference in the way my actual eyes look.

Still hoping for round two...

I have cut back to every other night applications and just keep noticing a steady decrease in the amount of lashes that I have and the length/volume of the ones I do have. In reality I got maybe....One good month with optimal results and then they started shedding/thinning.
I am hoping that patience is a virtue here and that I my lashes just need to cycle through again. I will keep using it and keep updating.
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