21 Year Old Had Rejuvenize Peel For Acne Marks/Scars - Sacramento, CA

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I have red marks on my cheeks left over from a...

I have red marks on my cheeks left over from a long battle with mild acne. Finally got my acne to calm down enough to get a chemical peel. I'm hoping this rejuvenize peel will help reduce my breakouts as well.

The whole process took about 45 minutes. I had a hydromassage facial which is supposed to take out impurities from the skin and had A LOT of blackheads extracted. The peel took about 15 minutes and only burned on my cheeks where more of the solution was applied. Pain wasn't unbearable and only burned for around 5 minutes. Now to wait for the actual peeling!

72 hours after application

Esthetian said 24 hours after I had it done my skin would feel tight but it hardly did. Felt like a sunburn later in the evening and skin was itching like crazy before bed.

48 hrs after I woke up with no flaking but as the day went on the corners of my mouth and chin started to peel.

Today I'm peeling from the corners of my mouth to my chin. Starting to look crazy! Happy I only worked 4 hours today but I'm not looking forward to my 7 hour shifts all week!

2nd Peel

I haven't been updating as much as I wanted!
The peeling process for my first peel went well. Took a week for the peeling to stop. I didn't really see any results, but that was expected as I was told I would need multiple peels to see noticable results. However my boyfriend and mom said they saw a difference.

I had a 2nd peel on June 28th. It burned a lot more this time, my entire face burned and it burned as soon as it was applied. It was a bit painful but I knew it wouldn't last very long so I was able to tolerate it. Skin felt tight immediatley after and I started to peel a bit on the second day. It is the third day and I am peeling MUCH more than the first time. All is going well so far and am hoping to see some results when the peeling is done.

I also took some time off of work this time. I work with people and kept applying lotion throughout the day so my skin didn't look scary and that kept my skin TOO moisturized and made my skin peel slower. I was fixating on my skin while I was working so I took time off so I could relax and let my skin peel without worrying about what I look like!

3rd Peel

Got my 3rd peel a week ago and am finishing up peeling. The scars on my face are finally fading. Definitely had to wait until the 2nd peel to start to see results. I am happy with the way my skin looks for now and won't book another appointment for a while. I don't need to wear concealer over them and they don't show through foundation anymore, yay! I'm so happy that I'll be able to start school in the fall without noticable scars. I'll post after pics once I'm done peeling.


People have been asking for me to post pictures and I want to but I had another breakout and was left with more scars! I am going to get another peel next month so I will post once these new scars are gone. Sorry for the long wait everyone!

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