48 Yr Old - Needed Breast Lift for Years! - Sacramento, CA

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I'm one of the older patients in this group...

I'm one of the older patients in this group (although I'm athletic and don't feel my age) and have been wanting this since I nursed my first baby over 26 years ago. I'm 5'3", was a full C before my babies, swelled to an F when my milk came in. I deflated after nursing, and fast forward to now after weight changes, age and genetics, ended up with embarrassing udders. I haven't had upper pole fullness for 26 years and have longed to properly fill a bra. I never wanted to post pictures but because I'm so thrilled with my outcome, I thought I should share.

Day 5

Some bruises and rashes but pain is very manageable. I took pain meds for less than 2 days. As long as I didn't move much, it was all good. ????

Lollipop lift and 325/350 Mentor high profile silicone under muscle

Eight weeks post op. Feeling great and hard to remember how I felt before surgery. I can't believe I don't need an underwire! After a few weeks, I was practically pain free. Pain in the beginning was the obvious tenderness, but also weird stinging sensations. It felt a lot like when my milk came in while nursing. Nipples were exceptionally sensitive and very uncomfortable in the cold (like the refrigerated area at the store, lol!). I had mondors cords that hurt in the 6-8 week post op period. Warm compresses helped a lot!

Week 10

I've been using Biocornium for my scar treatment. I'm not sure whether it helps but I'm satisfied with my scar progress. I tend to scar badly so these results are better than I expected.


My new favorite bra!
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