35 Yrs. 3 Children 65lb WL Groin Incision Medial Thigh Lift - Sacramento, CA

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I am having a medial thigh lift as part of my MMO...

I am having a medial thigh lift as part of my MMO and decided to start a review just for this. It's been challenging finding similar procedures. My stats-
R thigh 22.5 in
L thigh 22 in
So excited and nervous at the same time! I will try my best to keep this updated from the beginning to 1 year post-op.
Can't believe tomorrow's my big day!

Adding some more before pics small update

Honestly the thigh lift had been most difficult of my three surgeries so far. Along with medial (inner) thigh lift had full tummy tuck, breast aug with Benelli lift and Lipo. Getting up and down is tough and going to bathroom sucks. You have to take the garment off every time. It's scary and painful to put it back on every time. The first night I tried to use the go girl but with garmet and groin incisions it didn't work out. I peed all over the place and please note this- your stream changes! It's more like a sprinkler! Good news now 2 days post op I'm feeling much better. Still completely dependent on help but I can now assist with putting my garment back on and can stand without my walker. Even though it hurts to get up I feel so much better after I walk around. I will try and get some pics later of my incisions. The front along my panty line I can barely see they're really tucked in nicely so far.
Hopefully there aren't too many mistakes I'm too tired to go back through and check. Another update will be soon!

First pics

Finally could stand up straight enough to get a couple pics last. Not too bad. For being swollen and 2 days post op. Walked to the mailbox.....well almost, but can get around downstairs pretty well on my own. Still need help getting up and down into chair and using the bathroom.

7 days post-op!

I can't believe how much better I am feeling now, the first 3 days were hands down the absolute hardest!
I haven't updated as much as I thought I would, but for some reason wide awake at 4am. Every time I felt up to updating my meds kick in and was practically falling asleep. I've typed this out several times and I think I'll make it through this time. LOL!
Let's see on Friday 2nd day post-op went in for first appt. to make sure everything was going as it should. Needed help getting my garment to fit right so we added some extra pads in between my legs to prevent rubbing, super uncomfortable BTW! As long as I stayed on top of pain meds I was ok not great but managed. I have a high pain tolerance but also high tolerance to meds. I had to take 1-1/12 percocets 10/325 every 3.5-4 hrs. Oh and take stool softeners I repeat take stool softeners and lots of fiber!
Saturday was feeling good most of the day and from there it has continued to get better.
Monday I was able to get one of my drains out. Very happy about that but honestly didn't expect it to happen so soon and wouldn't have been terribly upset had it stayed in. Pretty sure today at 3rd post-op I'll get the 2nd one out. It makes taking the garment off and caring for thigh incisions much much easier.
My thighs are super swollen still and my feet are as well. Also my stomach is ridiculously swollen too. Luckily neither are painful! That's that for now. I'll update again later with more info that's been helpful in making my recovery from a thigh lift as easy as possible.

Everyday gets a little easier and some improvements!

I decided to finally take some pics of my incisions, although they aren't pretty. I know that in time they will flatten out so the good new is I am feeling positive with the little improvements I see everyday. They are much less red than they were even yesterday. The garment was irritating them so I'm wearing boy shorts undies under my garment. Also giving them as much air as possible when I use the bathroom. After peroxide/water rinse I blow dry and then rest my arms on the counter for 10 min or so before I need to get my garment back on. My back incisions may need a revision but Dr. G said it'll be an easy in office fix if needed! Still have quite a bit of swelling especially on the left side and leg, but even that is slowly going away as long as I continue to drink a ton of water. One other small issue is my right side Lipo spot on stomach is a little angry. Nothing to worry about at this point just keep it clean and dry, but did have to make an extra trip to Sacramento to see the Dr. yesterday. Also want to note my boobs look pretty low since I'm standing at about 80% straight and hunching over drops them low LOL! Hope you all have a great weekend!

3 Weeks Post-op and trying to be patient!

I can't believe I am already 3 weeks post-op! This last week was a huge turning point in my recovery. Although I still tire easily I am finally able to do quite a bit more.

I've said this a few times already and feel the need to say it again. Out of doing breast lift w/implants, extended tummy tuck w/ major muscle repair, medial thigh lift and Lipo all at once the thigh lift has been the most difficult part of my recovery.

If I had skipped it I would have probably been at 95% about 2 weeks after. I'm still very early in my recovery so I know there's going to be a lot more change over the next few months, it's just going to be slow. Over the last week my incisions have made a huge jump in the way they look. To be perfectly honest I cried a few times looking at my ugly "ground beef" looking incisions. However Dr. Green is pleased with the way they look and reassures me they are right in track. He wants them to look "puckered" because he knows that he attatched everything very well to the fascia and will keep it from moving where it's not supposed to. Then over the last week the right side just started folding over and becoming flush with the surrounding skin! It's crazy and amazing how our body can fix itself! The left side is far from being nice looking. It had more skin removed but I do see significant improvement and that's what I needed to get through this slow part of the healing phase. I still feel like I may need a small revision at the end of the incisions. The right side that is really puckered had more skin removed and that made better contour of my butt. The right side had less skin removed but my cheeks are off and it's a little lower. Again I need to remind myself I am only 3 wks post major surgery so I just need to be patient! The great news is that either way everything is completely covered by my panties and a swimsuit. :)

I am finally back sleeping in my bed with lots of pillows and no longer need my shower chair. I still use the toilet seat riser because it feels too tight when I bend or go to a sitting position and I don't want to open anything up. I feel like they are just about all closed up. I was having major issues with my darn garment rubbing them raw in places. So I started wearing boyshort panties underneath and that helped tremendously!

My activity level is still low and I actually think it's helping my incisions, I really focused last week on resting and relaxing. I do take a 20 min walk everyday and that's the most I can do in addition to the household things I can do. My pace is exactly how it was prior to surgery for about 10 min and then I have to slow down for the rest of my walk. I no longer get sore on my incisions as long as I don't overdo it.

Day of surgery my weight was 135.2 and today I'm at 131!!!! My implants weigh almost 2lbs so "technically" I'm under 130! I can't wait untill I can start working out and finish up and tone the amazing work Dr. Green has done!

6 wks. Post-op today!

Sorry I haven't updated in a while I really meant to update weekly, it's funny how life gets in the way of these things!
Sorry in advance this is going to be a bit all over the place as I only have a little bit of time to update.
Now back to doing most of my daily activities! I finally was able to start driving almost 2 wks ago and goodness that was so hard relying on others for all that time. Extremely thankful to have that independence back.
Sleeping like a normal person now is an absolute wonderful thing and on my side is not a problem at all. Energy is still about 80% I can go until about 4 and then a struggle the remainder of the day, bedtime is always welcome around here lately!
Finally down to 129lbs measurements are still about the same but definitely still swollen. Slowly wearing my garment less and swelling is about the same unless I am really active. Heading to Disneyland this weekend and feeling pretty nervous about all the walking. Not sure I'm quite ready for all that but at least I can always go back and rest at the hotel if needed.
Incisions are slowly and I mean slowly healing. They still get a little raw and irritated from my garment and clothing. So that's really what's holding me back from exercising. I am so ready plus I think once I can start it'll help my energy level get back up. However they are really starting to flatten more and more. Still think I'll need a revision on the backside- Some of the pleating, the extra crease under my cheek still isn't smoothing out and I can see my right leg is bigger than my left......reminding myself again I'm only 6 wks and have a lot more healing to do plus he keeps reminding me everything WILL smooth out. I don't see Dr. Green again for a couple weeks and I'll address my concerns then. It's going to be a tough one for me to talk to him about what I'm not happy with because let's be honest here he's really transformed me and I will forever be thankful. Having said that I know I can't expect perfection so I need to decide what imperfections I can live with and bring up the ones I can't....I'll never look like I did before I had children!

Close-up groin scars 3 wks. Vs 6 wks.

What a big difference 3 weeks can make. Comparing these side by side encourages me to continue to have patience and that healing takes time!

Disneyland was a success and I officially said goodbye to my garment!

Yep it's gone and I'm so so happy about that. We were in Disneyland for 2.5 days and walked over 32 miles while in the parks! I wore my garment for the first day and had to take it off after that. Surprisingly I was fine the remainder of the trip and haven't put it back on since. Slightly swollen under my belly button to TT incision but nothing bad just a bit uncomfortable. I was really good about wearing my garment the first 5.5 weeks pretty much only took it off for shower/bathroom time and then after that I slowly stopped wearing it.
Last Saturday we went to a crab feed and was up late. Only got about 4-5 hrs of sleep and then had to catch our flight Sunday morning. We got to the park around 2 Sunday and stayed until about 9 pm. The. Pretty much going nonstop until yesterday and with all that walking and activity I wasn't the slightest bit sore. I was pretty nervous about my thigh incisions rubbing and getting sore and I did great! I'm very happy I took my time letting my body do its thing because I now ready to start exercising and feel that I'm at about 95% of my normal. My 8 wk post op is next week and will post another update and new pics next week!

Almost 3 Months....The good, bad, and the ugly

Sorry I've been away so long! Once I hit that 6 week mark everything went just about back to my normal crazy life.
The good-
My scars are healing well, a little dark and red but they are moving in the right direction.
They finally no longer hurt and get inflamed or rub as long as I go commando. They're pretty much covered by my swimsuit. Even the backside scars aren't noticeable when standing or even laying down. They do show when I bend over but with time they'll lighten up and won't be noticeable. To be honest though I'm not at all self conscious about the actual scars however if they were more pronounced I may feel differently.

The bad-
I wish Dr. Green would have taken a little more skin off to balance out the future skin laxity. I still have darn dissolvable staples that aren't doing what they're supposed to do, some people have this happen, and I'm one of the lucky ones. As they come to the surface I am to try and break them up since it's only sugar and help them dissolve. Not sure what to do if that doesn't help so I'll give it some time trying this and revisit later if needed.

The ugly-
I still quite unevenness as my right leg/butt is noticeably larger than the left. Also have rippling that hasn't smoothed out on the inside left side. So I have my revision set up in a month and will meet with Dr. Green 2 wks before just to make sure we're on the same page. I really wanted to wait before doing the revision but it's bothering me quite a bit so I've decided not to wait. Generally the rule is to wait at least 6-12 months, but for some issues that will likely not get better it's fine to just go ahead.

If you have any questions please let me know!
Dr. Scott Green

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