Black ink and q-switch

I have just started the process of removing my...

I have just started the process of removing my five tattoes and getting the six'th ligtened for the cover up. I have tried 3 different places and going to the 4th tomorrow, the plan is to choose the one which will give the best results for other sessions. I have only black ink, and hope for some good results. This is very expensive in my country and I would like to have procedures every 3 months, in this case it will be affordable, and of course I will keep updating pictures. PS I was quite happy about my tattoes for about 5-6 years, havent had any regrets straight after I got them and actually enjoyed showing them in public, but now it is time for them to go away. There is just one Picosure laser in Russia so far and I do not plan to use it, since it is in another city and too expensive. My choice right now is lasers using q-switch technoologies.

One of the 5 tattooes after the first session

Black ink responds best to an Nd:YAG (1064nm)

I have read in the answers of one of the doctors here that black ink responds best to an Nd:YAG (1064nm), and it is a better choice, then Picosure, which is perfect for other colors, so looks like there is no need to play 3 times more for Picosure. So I have finally found a specialist with this kind of laser in the near by city, he has MEDHITECH QS3000 D5/D7 (Nd YAG D-Class pure violet diamond Q-switch KTP, ? - Q-Switched Nd:YAG, ?? 1064). We made a test of a small part of a tattoo (2 x2 sm), the fist session is scheduled for the 28 th of November and I will update the pics before and after it; in case, someone is interested in this kind of laser and its influence on the tattoo, feel free to ask questions, after I have my procedure:) And I would love to get some responce from those, who have tried both Picosure and Nd:YAG on their black ink before, which worked betetr for you? I am still hesitating, if I should go for Nd:YAG, or take all my money and go to another city, where the only Picosure laser in Russia is. Although it woud not be wise right now in my situation with the loan I have got to pay:)

All my ink in one photo

the style, size and location of cover up, I would consider after fading:)

One month after the 1 st session

One month after the 1 st session. the lines are breaking and black color turned into dark brown. Q-switch laser was used, the skin was badly burnt and healed completely only in one month. Session 2 is on the 5 th of December. Sorry, the quality of the pic is terrible, hard to photograph my own back. I will post the pics before the second session , curious to see, if it is gonna fade more after 8 weeks, then it did after 4. As for the other 5 tattos, I don;t see any changes, but will post pics of those as well before and after session 2.

one more

I had my second treatment with Q-switch today.

Hello, in case you follow my progress, I am here to inform, I had my second treatment today after 1,5 months (8 weeks), and I am excited to see the results soon, the fading goes well on some tattoes , not all of them, but i can say I see the difference and there is definitely no way back because they all look like rubbish now. Since all of them are on my back, I am not as anxious about getting read of them as soon as possible, but since it is magic Thailand ink, I do want to get rid of it or will consider some nice floral cover up, if my progress slows down or stops and I see no changes happening. As for the treatment, it went fine, still was painful, but I can stand it just fine without any drugs or cream and it was about 15 minutes only. I wanted to get rid of a huge tattoo I have on the waist as well, but somehow came to loving it again, it is definitely not a masterpiece at all, and I would never come to this artist or recommend him, but it is 4 cover ups and everyone including mom and dad and my bf say it is hot and looks good, and I do not believe in complete removal of this huge tatoo with 4 layers of ink, and don't fancy even bigger and super-expensive cover up, so I guess, I am keeping it and living happily with it for a while, if not forever. Want to see how it goes with the other tattoes first. My sessions with Q-switch are just 70 dollars for all the 5 tattoes (also have got a tiny butterfly on the wrist) and the laser is good and new, so I guess I will just keep fading as long as it takes, until it keeps fading .Will post new pics in 2 months before session 3.

Bigger pics after session 2

tattoo artist

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