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I am fit, active and relatively small (5'5...

I am fit, active and relatively small (5'5 & 125lbs) but had a small area on each inner thigh that has always bothered me. I saw an ad in the local paper for SmartLipo and visited a couple of clinics...I am fairly pain-tolerant but the procedure was a little painful! I had drainage for over a week and still have bruising over two weeks out. I am also the same size as I was before the procedure. I am hoping after time I will see some results!

The smart lipo clinic I went to is now vacated and I haven't seen the doctor since my procedure (3 weeks ago).  He didn't have me come in the day after and said the only reason for a 2 week follow up was to check for infection.  He said if I wasn't having any problems he didn't need to see me now.  Does anybody know how long I need to wear the compression garmet and can I return to running several days a week?

Dr. Estivo

No. Physician not availabe for follow up, the procedure room was not clean, and all equipment not sterilized before the procedure.

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