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I'm in my mid forties so fairly young for a...

I'm in my mid forties so fairly young for a facelift but with jowls that had started to really bother me. My face shape succumbed to age & gravity and was/had changed and even my favourite sunglasses no longer looked good on me. I hated my side view and looking haggered and tired. I tried fillers which made an improvement on my nasolabial folds but not so much for my jowls/marionette area and I knew something more drastic needed doing as fillers can only do so much before I started to look unnatural. I didn't see the point in waiting until I was 50.

I was suggested a thread lift by my dermal fillers doctor but having researched her reviews it was a big no. So I started my research on lower face lifts (thanks realself) and last year met with Dominic Bray who was lovely (who ironically has done many a thread lift revision done by my filler doctor - think I dodged a bullet there!) and suggested a lower face lift under a local anaesthetic which appealed to me. Having met Dominic, seen many of his patients before and afters pictures and even met an after patient in person I had made the decision to go ahead with him, surgery booked, deposit paid but sadly circumstances prevented this happening and my facelift was put on the back burner as I got my life back together... I don't doubt Dominic would have given me fantastic results but I am writing this review for others to show there is another miracle worker out there. Amir may not have the charismatic Hollywood demeanour (compliment to Dominic) but Amir is such a lovely, down to earth, talented, professional and incredibly skilled plastic surgeon and was not adverse to a hug before I left 45 minutes after surgery.

However earlier this year I started to think about surgery again, I knew Dominic would be brilliant he was my man (I'd met him twice) it's my face I wanted the best there wasn't going to be a compromise, but his popularity had grown, he had months to wait just for a consultation let alone a surgery date, I knew I could/would wait so before contacting Lucy again I started researching again, I guess deep down I was always fearful of the recovery time, bruising, swelling, overnight stay what do I tell my young children etc.

Then on my research journey, I found Amir online and read about his concept facelift, I googled more on him then searched for the documentary he was featured in "facelift and fillers" we found it and my husband and I watched this patient go under the knife (with jowls worse than mine) and literally walk out of the clinic no bandages, no bruising and looking incredible, without hesitation I quickly made an appointment for a consultation and took my husband with.

Amir was straight to the point about his surgery, what he would do how he would do it, showed us extensive before and afters, set our expectations realistically. It was about what I wanted not what he felt I needed or didn't need, he listened and took in everything I said 100% and likewise I understood everything he said, his technique, procedure etc. The next day a date was set and deposit paid, both my husband immediately felt he was the one,

So 3 days ago I went ahead with his concept face lift and so far I am very very happy. My jowls are gone and I have a fantastic jaw line. My husband is in awe of what Amir has done, he has been blown away with the results, he says its way better than he expected and I look so young!

I admit I was worried about the healing process, the bandages, bruising etc but I have none of that other than a tiny sticker under each lobe that I peeled off in the shower day 2. In addition to the amazing results it's the healing process that helped finalise my decision and Amir delivered more than I expected. I have swelling but that is normal where the skin and muscle was opened, I have been assured the liquid will drain and the puffiness has already gone down significantly, I have not frightened my children who thought mum was having a big tooth out so would be swollen but they haven't mentioned a thing, and my children have no filters!

Amir set my expectations straight from go what would happen and the results and in between stage, in fact both he and Kathryn (lovely nurse) could not have been more transparent in what would happen before, during and after surgery, during surgery I knew what I would feel or hear at every moment (tugging, pulling, "cutting the muscle now", stitching, squelching.....) I won't lie administering the local anaesthetic was very painful and like I was told it was certainly the worst part but now a distant memory. I almost fell asleep at one point but I was enjoying the conversation too much!

The first night was uncomfortable as I slept propped up and the numb feeling was unusual, I did feel some pain but a combination of paracetamol and ibuprofen helped. My ears still feel a little numb but again was told normal and having read other surgeons reviews this is nothing in comparison 3 days post.

Throughout the surgery we all chatted and I felt very relaxed and in very safe hands, (Amir has done this surgery more than a 1000 times). I had a little dry mouth during surgery and Kathryn gave me some water as my whole body was covered up, my one and only suggestion post surgery I can make is offering a straw rather than the glass to my lips but maybe that's just me having young children and having control issues!! Lol

Anyway today is day 3 post surgery and the swelling is continuing to reduce, Kathryn phoned me the morning after surgery to check on me and to reassure how I was experiencing (numbness, tightness) was normal, I haven't had to call the clinic since, I have a follow up in a few days with Amir and I'm excited to see the team again.. On a side note I've been washing my hair with johnson baby shampoo and it's made my hair so soft and I have to mention Lisa the patient coordinator and all the other staff are absolutely lovely, the clinic is beautiful too.

Unfortunately I won't post any pictures due to privacy but Amir has many to show you in person but I am happy to answer any questions and hope this review is helpful.

5 days post surgery

Hi, so it's day 5 days post surgery today and I am feeling ok, still have some pain, ears still numb as is the area around them and behind and they are slightly more swollen today, they feel very big and tender but nothing I can't handle.

I have been told its all normal. I'm still sleeping propped up as lying on my ears is not an option as they are pretty uncomfortable to lean on so I'm tired but amazingly I don't look tired thanks to my new jawline and lack of jowls!

I did the school run yesterday and today I did terrible avoiding conversation and it didn't seem anyone has noticed a thing, my hair is covering my scar and ears and I still have no bruising whatsoever.

Anyway I'm going to be brave and post a very cropped picture of just my swollen ear taken earlier today just to show you how well the scar has healed, I have to say I am pretty impressed myself. So far so very good!

Better picture of both front scars

9 days post

It's 9 days post surgery and all is going great and I am still very happy. The results so far are so natural, I'm still me but look so much more refreshed. The ageing nasolabial folds are gone and my jowls are 100% GONE, my jawline is now smooth and so much sharper. Before, my jawline had become more rectangular ugh! but this has all been corrected and it's back to how it was pre drop. My sunken cheeks have also been lifted and my cheekbones are now more defined. I'm only 45 so my skin wasn't too bad but the large pores around my mid area have been pulled with the facelift so less visible.

Recovery wise, I still have some pain and numbness around my ears but they are no longer as swollen. Still no bruising. Behind and around my ears still feels very hard and tender and I can still feel the tightness across my jawline.

I had a follow up with Amir the other day and everything is healing as it should be. Having the low pain threshold I do I've been avoiding touching and sleeping on my ears as they have felt sore to touch & tender but Amir encouraged me to touch and sleep on them as it helps healing, I have been doing just that and the discomfort is subsiding.

Amir has assured it will be impossible to see any scarring in time and the little pinch from the incision by each temple/ear at the front will go down I just need to give it time. If it doesn't he said he can remove it easily. He said that little bulge/ pinch of skin by my temple is expected as its that or a the traditional large scar running down the front lobe... I've posted temporary close up pictures taken today of the front and back of my ear to show you how well I am healing.

Anyway sorry, I know there aren't any front pictures but trust me I look absolutely normal and natural just much fresher and younger. I still can't believe I had a facelift! My husband can't be any more impressed and I couldn't have wanted more, my jowls are GONE!! The swelling has gone down about 90%. I think only I can really notice that 10% mostly because I still feel numb and tender. My hair is covering the little pinch/bump of skin by my temple, my husband assures me no one can see it.

I have absolutely no regrets, I am so glad I found Amir and had the surgery, I am over the moon with the results and how quickly I have healed.

Thank you to all who have read, followed and supported me on my journey, sorry for the lack of pictures and only posting unattractive close ups temporarily, but it's been great to be able to share in words my experience as I know what a huge decision this is.

Other than the aesthetic changes emotionally I feel much happier with my appearance now. I am so relieved I can now get through the rest of my 40's without the horrible jowls and head towards 50 a much happier person.

I'll keep this review updated as time goes by but so far so incredibly good, jowls no more! X

From the moment I met Amir I felt comfortable he would deliver the results I wanted. He was professional, knowledgable and highly experienced in his technique. I was concerned about keloid scarring, he assured me the scars I had were not keloids but still used special sutures which my husband said are immaculate. I highly recommend Amir and his team.

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