Painless Procedure, Now Waiting on Results

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Got the procedure done today. Even though I'm...

Got the procedure done today. Even though I'm pretty skinny, I've always had this annoying fat pouch on my lower abdomen. Even when I was underweight, it was still there, so I hope this gets rid of it once and for all.

It was a pretty old system but the technician said it was still effective. My fat just got sucked into the machine and didn't feel cold or painful at all (and it was sucked in there pretty deep). I was quite nervous after having heard all the horror stories so I hope this is a better story and I can put some others who want to have this procedure done at ease.

Right now there's just a little redness where it was sucked into the machine. It didn't feel cold, only after when I felt on the skin. The technician also said the new machines are more actively cold so I can't say much on that. I'll update in a week on whether I've experienced the dreaded nerve pain, but right now I'm hopeful that it will go without a hitch!

Absolutely no change

It's been at least 6 months now and I have seen absolutely no change. Too bad, but what can you expect for 30 euro? Will probably just save for liposuction some day :p
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