Lost 100lb Naturally and Had Excess Skin - 2 Week Post-Op - Tummy Tuck

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I lost 100lbs naturally and had excess skin. The...

I lost 100lbs naturally and had excess skin. The tuck fixed that.

I'm only a couple weeks in at this point so I don't have much else to say just yet. If I'm able to edit this, perhaps I'll come back in a bit and add more.

2 weeks post op. First impressions? I'm fairly...

2 weeks post op. First impressions? I'm fairly "ok" with everything thus far except my belly button. The incision looks amazing and I'm quite pleased with it but whats with all the junk in the middle? It's really bothering me. Any additional comments? I'm open to anything and everything you might have to say, positive and negative. (Incidentally, the tape was self applied to assist with recovery on separation. I go in tomorrow for my 2 week post-op.) -- Updated on Jan 8, 2010: So I just crossed the 4 week mark my doctor said everything looks great, said I am pretty much good to go now. The belly button is a work in progress, slow healer but it's coming along a lot better than it was 2 weeks ago. I'll post some pictures as soon as I am able. Thank you very much for feedback, much appreciated!

I'm at 9 months post op and I'm finally...

I'm at 9 months post op and I'm finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I almost have full feeling back and more importantly, the swelling has started to go down. The scar itself is fading but my skin tone still makes it plainly obvious that I had a procedure done. The Dr was 100% up front with me about the scar and I have conceded that this is the price I pay and. I'm starting to feel like it's worth it, more and more, every day, especially since I have a completely flat stomach now. :) I highly recommend Dr. Smith. He's a champion.

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Highly professional, caring, responsive, direct and to the point. Excellent staff supporting him as well. Surgery was quick, relatively painless and overall I've had a smooth recovery.

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