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Hi I had ultherapy on Dec 4th 2013 I was warned...

Hi I had ultherapy on Dec 4th 2013
I was warned enough about the pain so It didn't seem that bad. Grimaced through it. I went to Roseville Facial Plastic Surgery in Roseville, California. I had previously gone there for botox and asked about my slight jowls. I had botox put in and decided to think about the ultherapy. The botox didn't work and I waited two weeks. Dr Kiener gave me more for free. It worked great at first. They said I was a perfect candidate for Ultherapy. I didn't read many good things on your site or anywhere on the internet.I was looking for encouragement from someone that had undergone the procedure. Even trial people who hadn't paid had little results. Only ads saying how fabulous it was so I almost cancelled. The lady who gave me the procedure, Elizabeth gave me a fantastic pep talk and I went. I had my lower face and done.. I guess a leap of faith.My face was swollen for three days. One thing I hadnt read about was that my lower face and neck was hot....for three days. Felt hot and was hot. Also even though there is not suppose to be no connection the botox I had put in and did work no longer worked. The lines were back between my brows. This has never happened before. Now after 11 days I see a difference unfortunately only on one side of my face. Its noticeable. The small jowl is gone but the other side is exactly the same. The left side of my face looks like I had hoped.. This is a new procedure for them. Elizabeth, had only worked on 35 people and was newly trained. No one has called me since the procedure,
and they made no appointment for the future but said they would like to see me in three months. Im already happy with one side of my face but that's pretty odd!!!
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Doctor Kiener is unassuming and good natured. Everyone in the office seems excited about this new procedure. There was a 500.00 special for lower face so I decided to go for it. I cannot rate the experience because I usually go to people I know. Unfortunately I felt like it was a business mostly. It was nice they gave me another botox treatment but the morning after ultherapy the lines returned. I am leaving for four months to Central America but will be happy to let you know if the other side changes and any thing I can say that will help. Of course I hope it works and can hence encourage you to try....

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