2/14/14 had a Tummy Tuck / Post Op Smart Lipo

I am 5'4" and weigh 186 lbs and I have 3 children....

I am 5'4" and weigh 186 lbs and I have 3 children. It's not the weight that bothers me, but it's the muffin top that bothers me. I am getting my procedure done in less than a week and i am really nervous. I asked the nurse if my husband can be in the room with me while I get the procedures done and she said "more than likely, I can". I can't wait to see my results. I want to wear a tight dress without having a roll in the middle.

I have my procedure tomorrow at 9:00am. Wish me...

I have my procedure tomorrow at 9:00am. Wish me luck :) I hope all goes well and I have no problems. I will post pictures.

Today is the big day :)

Today is the big day :)

Had my procedure done this morning. My husband is...

Had my procedure done this morning. My husband is driving me home. We have a 2 hr drive to get home. The procedure hurt a lil bit. It Kind of feels like getting a tattoo in some areas. I had a hard time getting numb all the way. I will post pictures later when I get home.

The Dr. was very nice. She took out 7 lbs. :) I'm...

The Dr. was very nice. She took out 7 lbs. :) I'm still really swollen. My husband wasn't able to go in the room with me while I had the procedure done, but I did fine. I have maxi pads all over my tummy for the drainage. I feel good. I am a little bit tired though. I will update more tomorrow.

I found that laying on your tummy helps drain you...

I found that laying on your tummy helps drain you more. The Dr. put extra numbing medicine in me because I could not get numb, so I am draining a lot. I had to wash my garment because it was soaking wet. Thank god, I have a thing that sucks in my tummy for under clothing, so I can wash my garment. I can tell that my tummy is getting a little smaller now. More pix tomorrow.

Good morning! I am not hunchback any more. I can...

Good morning! I am not hunchback any more. I can walk normal. I am still draining in one spot on my lower right, but i can still feel some fluid in my lower abdomen. Here are some pix almost 24 hours after surgery.

48 hrs after the procedure and I feel the bruising...

48 hrs after the procedure and I feel the bruising. I have a hard time getting into and out of bed or the car. I am not liking my compression garment because it has three velcro straps and it is big and bulky compared to some of the others that I have seen. It's a pain in the rear, because I have to take it off every time I use the restroom.Well here are some pix 48 hrs later. Plus Happy Mother's Day to those who are Mommies :)

I had my post op today. I had finals for school so...

I had my post op today. I had finals for school so I rescheduled my appointment that I had on Monday, to today (Wed). I am a lil more swollen today, than I have been the last two days.Today is day 5 and I have some hard spots. The nurse told me to massage them and use a heating pad ONLY if the numbing has worn off. The nurse said that I look great. No infection. I lost 5 lbs already and I'm still really swollen. I feel great. A lil bruising, but it's going away. Still hurts a lil when I get in or out of bed or my car.
I wore a dress today and I felt very slim and pretty. No more muffin top :) I have a different under garment that I have been wearing because it clings to my body better than the one the Dr. gave me. The one the Dr. gave me is big and bulky. It has 3 huge velcro straps in the front. Not pretty at all.

Wanting a tummy tuck now after Smart Lipo

It has been about 7 months since I had Smart Lipo done. I am weighing about 180 and I wish that I would have just got the tummy tuck done. I am going to upload 2 pictures from what I look like now 7 months after Smart Lipo. I am not happy because of the extra skin in the pouch area.

Wanting a Tummy Tuck 7 mo. after Smart Lipo

I basically look the same after having Smart Lipo done and I want to improve my waist area with a tummy tuck. I still have a roll when I sit down and that bothers me. I plan on having the surgery done in Feb-March of 2014.

Tummy Tattoo coverup

I want this tattoo after I get a Tummy Tuck :)

I need motivation to loose a lil weight

I want to loose 5-10 lbs before my surgery but I don't have the motivation right now. I suffer from Bipolar II, PTSD and anxiety. I don't have the surgery date scheduled yet, but once I do I hope that I get motivated to loose some weight. I want a flatter tummy and the Dr. said if I loose a lil weight, my tummy will be smaller. :/

Making a Payment tomorrow for Tummy Tuck

YAY!!!! I am going in to the PS office tomorrow 12/26/2013 and making a payment to save the date for my Tummy Tuck. I am so happy right now :)

Down payment made for Tummy Tuck :)

I made a down payment today for my tummy tuck. I'm scheduling my tt on 2/13, 2/14 or 2/19/2014. The surgery coordinator was not in the office today because it is the day after Christmas. I'll know my scheduled day on Monday :) I'm having mixed feelings today about having a tt done. I'm scared, nervous and I feel a lil selfish. Anyone else feel this way?

Getting ready

I am so happy right now :) I am starting to get ready for my Tummy Tuck surgery. I live in a different town than my PS, so all the post op appointments are going to suck. I'm going to have to have my husband drive me back and forth to them.

Went Shopping :)

I had a dream last night that I felt the Dr. cut my tummy open for the Tummy Tuck. I was squirming in my sleep and I swear it felt real. Today I am excited though. I went shopping and bought a little more stuff for my post op care. I can't wait to have a flat tummy :)

New year = New me

I was on a Chia seed diet in Oct. 2013-Nov.2013 and I lost 10 Lbs. My PS said if I want better results to loose a lil bit of weight, if I want to. So I feel bad because I have not done too much to loose weight since my appt on 12/17/2013. All I ate 3 chile rellenos, some spanish rice, a Dr. Pepper 10 (My Favorite) and a Venti Caramel Brulee Light Frappe at Starbucks. I feel fat right now. Tomorrow I am starting my diet again and hopefully I can loose some weight by the middle to end of Feb 2014 when I schedule my procedure. I'll find out tomorrow what day my procedure will be.

Surgery Date Scheduled :)

So, my pre op is on Feb. 11th. My scheduled surgery date is on Valentines Day @ 2 in the afternoon. That means that I can't eat all day :( I'll at least have some time before hand with my husband. Sucks that it is on Valentines Day, but I am so happy now that I have set date.

45 more days till my Tummy Tuck

I love seeing everyone's photo's. I'm getting excited to have my flat tummy. Currently I am weighing 179lbs and my goal is to loose at least 10 more lbs. Today is New Years Eve and I am going out tonight and having a few drinks, but other than that I am doing good on my lil healthy diet.

40 days till my surgery

I am trying to change my whole style. I went to a salon and had my hair done 3 different colors. Black on bottom, red on top with a blond streak on the side. I'm trying to learn how to do victory curls and my hair is so long it is hard to do. I'm getting excited for my tummy tuck. I can't wait to try on my pin up girl dresses :)

38 more days until my tummy tuck :)

The count down is on. I am 4 lbs. down. I was 180 now I am 176 :) YAY ME!!!! I went shopping today and bought a couple of pin up outfits for after my tummy tuck. I'm really excited to be on my way to the flat side again. School starts for me in 3 weeks. I'll be in school for 3 weeks when I have my tummy tuck. My scheduled date for my tummy tuck is on 2/14/2014 (Friday). I will take the whole next week off from school then return the following Monday. If everything goes well. I'm praying to God that it goes great. Then I have Spring Break the week of 3/14-3/23 I know that I should do my tt then, but I want to go somewhere for spring break. Since I will have a lot of down time after having my tt, I will make up for all the homework and what ever I can do to keep my grades up.
Since I had Smart Lipo and posted under Smart Lipo on this web site, I can't post to the Tummy Tuck section. :( So i'm left in the Smart Lipo section. I've seen a few people who had the same problem as I do. They had a tt after having Smart Lipo and are left to type in the Smart Lipo section.

31 days until my Tummy Tuck / 8 mo. Post Op Smart Lipo

My weight is yo-yoing. I weigh about 178 now. I go from 176-180 lbs. I have basically 1 month until my tummy tuck date. I have been having dreams of my tummy opening and I'm getting a lil scared. I'm excited, but this is a huge surgery. I have a appointment next week with my PS to get lipo on my inner thighs at the same time I have my tt done. My upper-inner thighs rub especially when I am wearing shorts. :(

27 more days

I am up early because I have been having dreams of my tt. I am scared. I had a breast Augmentation done 5 years ago, but I wasn't as scared as I am now. I only have 27 days and like 9 and 1/2 hours until my surgery. I have a count down on my phone :) Well that is it for now.

24 more days :)

I see my PS tomorrow to see if I can afford lipo on my inner thighs when I do my tt. They wouldn't tell me the price over the phone, so I have to pay the $65 again to see the PS and that will be taken out of my surgery $. I start school next week and I am happy. I had about a month and a half off for break and it is time to get back at it. I went to Walmart today to buy some school supplies and a new printer. I'm getting very happy now because I only have 24 more days :)

21 days 1 hr and 46 min. left until my tummy tuck

Dr. said that I can do lipo on my inner thighs, but it would be best if I loose some weight first. I'm having a hard time at the moment loosing weight. :( I didn't have to pay the $65 for the Dr. visit. Other than that, school starts in 3 more days. I'll be busy, busy, busy :) Hopefully I can loose some weight because I will be busy. I bought some more supplies and a walker, so that I can get around the house without depending on my husband too much.

Insomnia Uggghhh!!!! 3:45 am

I have been having sleepless nights and pain lately :( Yesterday the pain eased up on me. Thank God. I had this prop up thingy in the closet and figured it might help after my surgery. Me and my husband went to walmart and bought 4 of the best king size pillows that they had. I know that I am going to have to be propped up words and my knees are going to be elevated. I'm excited 20 more days :) I've been cleaning around the house, getting ready for the big day. Now I have to re range a few things in the house, so that I can walk around with the walker that I bought.

17 days til my tummy tuck

I started school today and I realized just how quickly my surgery day is coming up. :/ The day will be here sooner than I know it. I had ordered a tummy flattening board and it came in the mail today. It's kinda weird, but hey, what ever works. 17 more days and like 22 hrs. :)

15 days 20 hrs.

I had a scare last night. A long time at the Emergency Room. I think that I passed a gallstone and I am still in some pain. Dr. can't find what went wrong with all the pain that I had last night. Thank You Lord, that I don't have anything big going wrong. I was scared last night and thought that I have to reschedule my tt and wait awhile to get it done. The count down is really on now. :) 15 days and 20 hrs left to go :)

14 days and 16 hrs.

I had a headache/migraine all day today. I slept most of the day today though. I keep looking at myself in the mirror and sucking in my tummy and try to imagine what I am going to look like after I have the tt. I am supposed to be on a 3-5gram fat (low fat) diet for the next couple of weeks because of my gallbladder. Let's see if I can do this. Basically I can have rice and pinto beans is what the Dr. said.
Really, I have about 2 weeks left to go. It don't seem like I am about to have it done though. It hasn't really hit me yet. I can't wait though. I want to hurry up and get it over with. Not looking forward to the first 2 weeks after getting it done :/ But it will be worth it.

I weighed 175.6 today :)

YaY!!!! I lost a lil bit of weight. I was weighing about 179 and this morning I woke up to weighing 175. That put a smile on my face. :) I'm not doing the 3-5 gram fat diet, but I am watching my fat and calorie intake. I'm eating a lot less fat than I was. I also found out that my cholesterol is high and I am pre diabetic. I've been watching my sugar intake also. So I have 12 days, 2 hours and like 45 minutes until my tt :) School has been going great for me. I missed 2 of my classes due to passing a gallstone. I hope that I don't get dropped from them. I left messages for my teachers. I will find out tomorrow. I have proof that I was at the ER, so I should be okay.
Any how, I am doing great overall. I feel good and I am excited for the big day on Valentines Day. :)

To help my swelling

I bought a tummy board to help with the swelling.

getting over being sick :(

Man, the last two days have been scary for me. I started feeling sick and my throat was the main thing hurting. I went to prompt care and they gave me antibiotics in case I was coming down with strep throat. I feel a lot better today. I was scared because my surgery is in 9 days and I know they have to stick that tube down my throat. I didn't go to school today because I have been off of my meds and I am not feeling all that well. I called the Dr. office and they said that I can take my meds, so I took it today and hopefully I will feel better soon. Today, I am excited for my tt, not as scared. Just want to get it over with. It's finally starting to hit me. Time is getting closer and closer.

5 days and less than 13 hrs :)

Whoop Whoop!!!! I'm excited, I'm excited!!!! Friday will be here very shortly. My pre-op date changed. It was on Tuesday the 11th, but it changed to Thursday, the 13th. My surgery will be the following day. I have tried so hard not to get sick. When I felt the cold that I had coming on, I got right on it and took care of it before it got worse. I'm doing good now. Just patiently waiting for the big day.

Tomorrow is my surgery day

I'm feeling numb today. I'm scared but I'm excited at the same time. I have my pre op appts. today. One with the Surgeon and the other is at the hospital. I have a lot of cleaning and laundry to do today. I'm scrubbing my shower, washing all my sheets and re ranging some furniture so I can walk around with the walker. I will try to update pictures before my surgery tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the big day

So I am getting ready to wind down for the night. They changed my surgery time. It was at 2 pm, now I have to be at the surgery center at 6:15am. That means that I have to get up at 4am and get ready. I have about an hour and a half drive to where my surgery is going to be done at. I scrubbed my shower, laundry is done and I moved a couple things in my room. I took a shower with antibacterial soap and I will take another shower and do the same in the morning. Dr. said that I can not take a shower until my drains are out. GROSS!!!! I'm gonna have to have bird baths every day until the drains are taken out. Well night-night. I'll write more tomorrow.

Today is the day :)

Made it to the surgery center. Will update later. Wish me good luck :)

Ahhhhhhh!!!! :)

Ahhhhhhh!!!!! I have a sense of humor this morning though :) I'm really nervous but I'm keeping a positive attitude :)

A Lil Mad Right Now....

Well I am to scared to take everything off and look, but I did see that the Dr, put my drains in my upper thighs on the front of my legs and that made me a lil sad. The Dr said that they were gonna go in my va jay jay area. so I have to do scar treatment on my upper thighs :( I am wondering how high my scar is and how my bb looks now.
I am doing good other wise, so far. I ate 4 crackers today and a jello cup. My favorite thing right now is apple juice. I am already bored just sitting here on my bed. If I am awake, than I have to be doing things always, so this sitting here is bugging me.
I am not going to the school that I was going too any more. I wanted to be in the mental health field, but that is going to take way too many years to finish. I signed up for a Junior College to become a Medical Assistant. I have orientation on Wed. the 19th of Feb. and I start school on Monday Feb. 24th. New Year New Me!!!! I am starting everything off with a new me this year :)

I have a headache :( and I'm hot.

I woke up like every 2 hours last night. I'm draining good on my left side and my right side is a lil less. I have to milk the drains to get some of the blood out every time I empty my drains. It is hard getting out of bed. My back starts hurting after I use the restroom. I can't bend it straight, so that's why it is hurting. I also have a dull headache that started yesterday. I'm gonna lay down and watch some t.v.

24 hrs later

I took pictures this morning 24 hours after my surgery. I am afraid to take things off. I don't want to get an infection. My right side is draining less and less. I gave myself a bird bath and changed my clothes. I am bored just laying here in bed.

Draining is getting closer to being 30, then the drains come out.

I have been walking around a lot today. If I am up too long my back starts hurting. I am having pain where the Dr. put the drains because my underwear hits it every time I go to use the restroom. I don't really hurt where he did the tummy tuck. I lifted the back of my compression garment and it looks like the Dr. went really far back on my hips. :( I'm still going to wait to look at the whole tt. My left side drained 60 and my right side I drained 40 today. I am praying that they come out at my post op appt. Well time to try to go to sleep.


I've been waking up every 2 hours again. This time I woke up at 4:30am and I had to cough. Man it hurt. I'm up for the day now. I bought some leave in conditioner, so I'm going to give myself another bird bath. I feel gross. I'm used to taking a shower every day. My right drain, I think will be able to come out at my post op appt. My left side is still draining pretty good.


All's I can say is stay on top of your stool softener. The pain meds will make you constipated. The last time I took any pain meds was at 9:30 this morning. I had to have my hubby help me tonight with a suppository. I feel relief now, but man was it hurting. I just wanted to warn you ladies that this goes along with the tt. My back is still hurting and now I just need to get comfy in bed.

finally took a peek

I slept good last night. Today, I am standing pretty straight. My back still hurts some, but it is manageable. I had to have the hubby go to the store yesterday to buy more boy briefs (underwear) and some more antibacterial soap. I bought the liquid soap rather than the bar soap. I feel it's a lil more sanitized being in a bottle.
I like what I see in the picture I took. The scar looks pretty even. Not all jagged. Which I was worried about. I still haven't looked at my bb yet. I'm still very swollen. My right side drained 55 last night and my left side drained 20. I have been keeping my legs elevated. Even at night time. I am getting real tired of this down time. I wanna be on the move already. My butt hurts from sitting all day long.
I bought myself a Victoria's Secret bathing suit on-line yesterday, along with a couple belly chains/necklaces. I am super excited to wear a 2 piece bathing suit again.

Post op day 4

I stopped using pain meds yesterday and I feel fine. I took my compression garment off all the way today and saw how high my incision is and I am disappointed, but I can't complain too much because I have a flat tummy now. Still very swollen. I'm going to post some pictures. My mom helped me wash my hair in the kitchen sink today. Finally after 4 days. My hair was getting pretty oily. I was going to dye my hair before I had my tt done. I decided to do it this up coming weekend because I start my new school on Monday. I didn't want my roots to start showing. I'm going to saran wrap my tummy when I do dye my hair. I don't want the chemicals to irritate my tummy.
2/20/2014 is my first post op appt. I believe that my drains will come out that day :) So nice if they both do. They are starting to get on my nerves. I have been eating a lot lately. I seem to do that when I am home and I am bored. I stopped taking stool softner. I started going more regularly, which is great. Over all I am doing great. :)

Yay! Went out to eat breakfast with the hubby

This morning I woke up and both drains were at 10 from the whole night :) I see Dr Mendez tomorrow. I finally came out of the house. I went to a restaurant to eat breakfast with my husband. I put pants on and I felt like they were bothering my drains some. I noticed a lil puss coming out. I called the dr office and they said its normal as long as it's not really red and I have a fever. But I am ok. They said to keep it dry. I know your not supposed to really go anywhere until your drains are out, but I've been going crazy at home. I have orientation tonight for school that I have to go to, then back home. I'm hoping to take a shower tomorrow. I'll update more later.

Drains are out :)

YAY!!!! Dr. Mendez took my drains out and boy was it a weird feeling. Next week I go in to have my stitches removed. Dr. said that I am healing good. I get to take a shower tomorrow. The dr showed me a picture of my old tummy that he took out and I felt grossed out looking at it. He packed my belly button and gauzed me up. I'm doing good today. I did some driving and my husband and I went to the place where he proposed to me in 2012. All in all I have had a great day so far. I will take pictures tomorrow of how I look and I finally get to see what my bb looks like.


I've been on the go since 5:30 this morning and my body is definitely feeling it. I am pooped out. I plan on taking it more easy tomorrow like I should be doing anyway. I'm just excited to be up and out of the house.
The Dr. took the tape off of my incision and just put gauze under my garment and for some reason I feel that certain areas are pulling more than others and hurting a lot. The medical assistant took out a few staples that were holding me together. I still have stitches that are in and those will be taken out next week. I am very nervous to sneeze or cough because I am afraid that i will split open. I am disappointed again today because the incision goes really far back and really high. I might have to return the bottom part of the bathing suit that I just ordered on line and replace it with one that is much thicker on the sides. I do plan on getting a tattoo over my scar after time, so I might just keep the bathing suit. ???? I don't know.

New Pictures

Yesterday really took a toll on me. My legs and my back were hurting really bad. I'm not in any shape to be on the go like I was yesterday. I took it very slow today and stayed home most of the day.
I took some close up pictures of my tt and finally took a shower. I made it over to Victoria's Secret and I returned the bottom half of the bathing suit that I bought on line. I decided to go with one that is more thicker on the sides. Well that is it for tonight.


Well, I thought for sure that the saran wrap idea was a good idea for dying my hair. EPIC FAIL!!!! I even taped the top of the saran wrap to my skin. That part worked, but the saran wrap had pockets that collected water. Oh well. I tried.

10 days post op

Not too much to update. I'm doing good. One day I have more energy, then the next I am super tired. I am walking straight pretty much. My school starts tonight, so I'm going to be busy and spend less time on the computer.

10 days post op

I'm glad to be mobile now. I love that I can drive. I'm very cautious when I drive too though. I'm bored right now. I'm home alone and I don't start school until tonight and I don't know what to do with my spare time today.

Feeling Blah....

I feel very uncomfortable right now. It's that time of month, I had my braces tightened a couple days ago and I have to wear class 2 rubber bands 24 hrs. and plus I have a cold to top it all off. Well, I have been able to sleep on my sides for like the past 4 days or so. As long as I have a pillow between my legs. That is actually very comfortable for me. It is 3:33am here in Ca. and I am very hot and can not sleep. I have been having some sharp shooting pains in my tummy that only lasts for a second or two. Mainly where the tt was done. I guess that is my nerves working again. I also feel like my energy is back for the most part. I have to remind myself that I just had a tt done and that I can not lift everything. I received about 12 books for my medical assisting class and I have to carry like 4 of the biggest books in my back pack right now for pharmaceuticals. I have been so busy with everything, that I barley remember that I just had a tt done. I only remember when I go to the bathroom because of my binder and I pull my binder down into place or when I take a shower. I'm standing straight when I have the binder on, but when I take it off I feel naked without it. I feel that I hunch my back a lil when I take my binder off to wash it or to take a shower.
Today is my appt. in Redding. I have about an hour and a half drive to my appt. Not looking forward to the drive, but I am getting my stitches out today. That means that I can start scar treatment. I have about 1 more week to be in my binder, say's my Dr. I will probably still use a stage two garment (one that I bought from Walmart) just to keep snug. I feel more comfortable with being snug right now. If I'm not wearing my binder I feel like my tummy is going to rip open. I have a very busy day today with my appt which is an hour and a half away, dropping kids off at 3 different places, picking them back up and then off to an hour drive to get to school and get out at 9:45 and drive back home. So I won't be home until about 11pm tonight. Which sucks because I am up super early this morning.

I'm a Happy Girl

Wanted to take a quick picture this morning. I'm a happy camper right now. I can see a huge difference in my tummy even though it is that time of month. I'm still in a size 13 pants. My waist has gotten a lil smaller, but I have wide hips after having 3 kids.

My picture didn't download

5 days pre op an 13 days post op

Sleeping Better

I have been sleeping on my sides and I can lay on my tummy. I'm finally comfortable at night time. I've been sick and sleeping a lot. not too much to update.

I sneezed and it didn't hurt

I am 16 days post op and I sneezed and it didn't hurt. Before, I had to stop myself from sneezing or coughing. I am still a lil sick with a cold. I thought the cold was going away the other day, so I stopped taking medicine. Well, my cold came back the next day. I read that your immune system is weaker after you have surgery. I need to be taking my vitamins. I bought one bottle and it was bogo free. So I have a lot of vitamins. Just need to take them.
This might be a lil too much info. Dr said to wait 3 weeks before having sex, but 2 nights ago me and my husband tried to make love and it was really awkward. Today we succeeded. The Dr. also said 3 weeks to wear the cg, but i don't know if I will be ready in 5 days, to take it off for good. I might go longer than the 3 weeks. I feel snug and safe in my cg. My cg has been bothering me some though because of the scabbing. I have to keep pulling my cg down because it rubs on my incision and bothers the scabs. It's a lil itchy. I am also waiting for the scabs to disappear so I can start my scar treatment. I thought that I could start scar treatment after all stitches were out, but I was wrong.
I ended up changing my schooling from night time to day time. It was early in my schooling that they let me change to day times. I start on March 10th now. I had a hard time driving home for an hour at night and getting home at 11pm. I am happy that I switched to day times.

18 Days Post Op

Not too much to report. I just wanted to post a couple of pictures.

My Tummy board is too big

My tummy flattening board is too big for my tummy. It also hurts some because my tummy is still numb and it don't bend to fit my belly in any way. I love my new tummy :) I checked on the Miss Me Jeans web site to see what size I was and I thought that I was a 32 and I tried a size 30 on and I must say that I am HAPPY!!!! I fit in the size 30 pants. Now just to work my way on down. I am still wearing my cg and now it is really getting on my nerves. I can't wait until this 3 weeks is up so I can move into a different cg. I will probably still wear the one the Dr. gave me at night time because it helps with the swelling. Well, my scabs are coming off and pretty soon I can start my scar treatment.

Bio Oil

I started Bio Oil this morning. I still have scabbing, but not too much. I want to get started on the scar away treatment. I had a hard time getting comfy last night. my back was hurting in any position. I even tried to put a pillow behind my back. It was not helping too much. Well I'll chat more later.

Started Scar Treatment

I have tried the scar away treatment and it's really hard to keep some of the pieces on. They roll off of me. I cut the pieces in 1/2 so I had enough to cover the whole scar and I think that I should not have done that. I'm going to buy another pack and try it over again without cutting them into pieces. I had to put paper tape over the pieces to try to keep the pieces on and that still didn't work. I also tried using vitamin E oil after the scar treatment.
Today I wanted to explore a day early without my cg and my tummy is numb still. I am wearing a long shirt, but it felt like my shirt rose up and felt like my stomach was showing. All because my tummy is numb. It feels great not to be wearing a cg. I have to keep pulling up my pants up though. I woke up weighing 177.5 this morning. It put a smile on my face because I haven't been eating the best lately. I've been eating good for the last two days though. The Dr. took off 2 lbs. of my tummy and I was weighing 180 at the time of surgery. My weight fluctuates all the time. Wish I could be down in the 160's. That would be awesome.


I went almost all day without my cg on. When I did put it on, it started hurting after awhile. I have a spot on my right side above my lady parts that feels like a knot. It hurts a lot. I thought it was due to my cg, but I took the cg off and that area still hurts. Anyone else had this experience? No open wounds, just some pain.

Loving My Tummy

I love my new tummy :) I'm getting ready to go out tonight.

Pictures from last night

Went out with my husband to the bar. We hardly go out to the bars. Woke up with a hangover, but had fun last night. I had no problems with my tummy. I start school tomorrow morning. Glad to be going to school in the morning instead of going at night like I was. I am glad that I don't have to wear the cg anymore. The velcro on the cg is starting to make noise when I move a certain was, so it is kinda embarrassing. I'm only wearing the cg when I am home and all night long.

Really Swollen

I am really swollen by the end of the day. My belly button is sticking out a lil bit by the end of the day also. :( Yay!!!! Friday will be one month post op for me. I just looked and I forgot to wright down my 1 month post op appt. :( I have to call tomorrow and see when it is. I haven't been doing a good job on my scar treatment. I am on the go a lot and when I get out of the shower, I forget. I haven't gone back to walmart to get a new scar away package yet. Well that is all for today. I have to study for a test tomorrow.

1 month post op

Today marks my 1 month post op date. Yay!!!! I finally went to Walmart yesterday and bought new scar away treatment. I had it on all night and just took it off @ 3pm. Me and the hubby are thinkin about taking the kids down to Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk for the weekend. Woo Hoo!!!! Beach time. I haven't received my new bottoms from victoria's secret yet though. I do have other bathing suits and cover ups that I am going to wear. Well, Have a great weekend R/S members.

1 yr 4 months later

I gained some weight since my last weigh in. I am now weighing 193 after tummy tuck. I also had a tattoo done. Tattoo is not done yet. I am looking into getting a bellybutton revision done by the end of this year. Dr. says he will do it in the office with local anesthetic. Looking forward to the revision. I am not liking my bellybutton.

Getting my belly button done

On 08/26/2015 I am going to be getting my belly button redone in the Dr's office for $550. I can't wait :)

I made it to the other side.

I'm draining so much. I ended up getting my chin done too. I'm walking around pretty good though. Here are a couple of photos. I feel my booty is too small.
Virginia Beach Dermatologist

The Dr. had 2 pts for the whole day and was in a rush. She was talking about getting home to her kid. I felt like she rushed the procedure. Not happy with my results. (This was for Smart Lipo)

2 out of 5 stars Overall rating
1 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
2 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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