5'4 130lbs. Mini Tummy Tuck Without Muscle Repair. Natrelle 310 Round Moderate. - Roseville, CA

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I have been disgusted by my belly since I had my...

I have been disgusted by my belly since I had my first child, over 20 years ago. I had always thought about a tummy tuck, but thought it was something other people did. I never looked into it seriously. Then I hit my 40s and my small, previously perky, breasts were now starting to droop. I finally decided to look into surgery seriously. I looked up tons of reviews before I decided to make a consult appointment. After my consult with my PS last September, I was sure that I would get the surgery. I was excited at the possibility of finally not being embarrassed about my belly. I've never minded my small breasts, so I knew that I didn't want large implants. I was looking more to restore the perkiness. And I definitely didn't want people to be able to look at me and tell I have implants. I was going for a more natural appearance.

In the weeks before my surgery date I was definitely getting nervous. I was questioning myself and wondering if I had made the right decision. Plus you can't help but wonder what else you could've spent all that money on. I started to feel selfish and shallow. My husband was initially questioning why I was doing it, but after going to the consultation with me he was completely supportive. He never said a negative thing about it. That helped tremendously.

A couple days before the surgery I was finally at peace about it. I didn't feel nervous. I wouldn't let myself think about it too much. And anytime I thought of the surgery I would only focus on it being over. I slept well the night before and woke up that morning without any nerves.

Luckily my surgery was bright and early in the morning. It wasn't until I was on the surgical table that I started to feel the nerves set in. Fortunately, anasthesia works very quickly. :) The next thing I knew, I was in recovery being woken up. I did immediately notice the pain in my abdomen but the nurse gave me medication right away. The rest of the day is pretty much a blur. I do remember trying to use my left arm to get up from the toilet and having a searing pain in my left breast. That pain stayed for the next week or so on and off. I also remember trying to get out of the car when we got home. I lifted my right leg and had an intense pain in my lower abdomen. I was pretty much immobile for a minute or so until it passed. I'm not going to sugarcoat it, the first week was hell for me. More than the pain, it was the complete lack of independence that made it rough. Don't get me wrong it was painful, but I could've tolerated that if I would've been able to do things for myself. But because of having the breasts done and the abdomen done at the same time you can basically only use your legs sufficiently. I couldn't even manage to adjust my own pillow. And during one trip to the bathroom as I turned to wipe myself I got a horrible pain that left me unable to do it. My husband was truly a saint! I was also an emotional wreck. The frustration of not being able to get in the recliner myself get out of the recliner myself, go to the bathroom by myself, sleep comfortably, etc., made me want to cry more than once. On day six this I truly would have made the choice not to have the surgery if I could have. I just wanted my normal life back so badly that it didn't seem worth it. Then on day eight I seemed to turn a corner. I was finally able to do enough for myself that I could see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Now, at two weeks, there isn't much that I can't do for myself. I do things a lot slower, but I can manage to get them done. And I have to say that I am going to be thrilled with my results. For someone who didn't seem to care about my breast size, I almost wish I would've gone larger. I absolutely love my cleavage right now. And they already make me feel sexy. I think in the end I will be completely satisfied with this size. My abdomen looks amazingly flat. In the beginning I kept looking at it thinking that it looked like I was sucking it in, but I wasn't, nor would I have wanted to. I'm starting to get used to the fact that it's just my flat belly. It's awesome! On the downside, there is this Frankenstein scar that I'm still getting used to. And the strange random numbness is probably what I have the hardest time with. When I'm touching myself it almost feels like I'm touching somebody else's stomach. Actually it feels like touching a cadavers stomach. Gross, I know, but that's the best analogy I can give. I can say in just two weeks it is significantly better. Lots of feeling has already come back. Not just in my abdomen but in my breasts also. My breasts are now just numb on the underside of each. They were almost completely numb for the few days after surgery.

So overall I can tell you that I would already do it again. I would also tell you that I wish I had been a little more prepared for the struggles of the first week. I prepared my house, my family, I had everything I needed to make it through (medicines, vitamins, smoothies, soups, pillows, recliner, walker, clothes, etc.) but I wasn't prepared mentally.

1 month post

What a difference a month makes! Im finally feeling mostly normal. I still have some areas of numbness, and some areas of high sensitivity. I can tell that it is all still changing though. I got the ok to wear any bra I want since my breast have dropped to where I am happy with them. The left is still a tad higher than the right but it is minimal. I'm still wearing the compression garment. I was told I can wear high waisted compression underwear but they are a pain to get up and down with every bathroom visit so I keep going back to the garment with the clasps in the crotch. I'll be wearing a garment for at least another month. I've been toKe still only walking for another month. That is the most frustrating part now. Wanting so bad to get into shape and having to limit it a lot.

I can't believe the difference in how I look from just two weeks ago, let alone before surgery. I'm already very happy with the results and my PS says it will only get better. Finally excited for bikini season!
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