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3 weeks post op I started experiencing skin tears....

3 weeks post op I started experiencing skin tears. I have had repair surgery on the left breast six times and repair surgery five times on the right breast. As of today my last surgery repair was on October 21, 2016. As of today October 27, 2016 I am still experiencing skin tears. My surgeon is very replicable and is doing what he says needs to be done. He is keeping a very close eye on me I am in his office 2 to 3 times a week every week. I have almost had surgery on a weekly basis to try and repair my breast. He admits he pulled the skin so tight and did not leave room for swelling. I have been doing the wet to dry pads twice a day I am on vitamin C and vitamin zinc. My question is is there anything else that can be done to speed up this healing process?

Update 10-29-16

As of October 29,2016 these are the up to date photos. Yesterday when I seen my doctor he said he is considering a skin graft on the right breast. He said the skin inside looks like it's healing well the color is coming back it's filling in and looking better he says. That left breast is the one with the hole in it still and he wants that to heal more on the inside before he does a skin graft. As of today's date October 29, 2016 I have had six repair surgeries on the left breast and five on the right breast. I just hope and pray that the skin graphs will help me heal quicker. He has not set a date yet for that to be done. I am in his office at least twice a week he is keeping a very close eye on me. My original breast lift surgery was done August 25, 2016.

Nine weeks post Mastopexy surgery.

Week 13

This is on 11-20-16 this is week 13. My breast still have lumps around the nipple area. The bottom wounds are still open. Today one of the lumps around my nipple area opened up. This is what I saw when I took my bra off.

Week 13

Update 11-23-16

On 11-23-16 my left breast was sewn for the sixth time. The right breast was covered with a skin graph. I'm hoping and praying that this works. Hopefully the left breast will be ready for a skin graph next week.


Today I went to the doctor and he took the gauze off of the skin graph that he did last week. Praise the Lord it did take I am so happy about that. I will have a scar but at least The wound is closed. Now I just need the left side to heal a little more so that he can do a skin graft on that side as well. It has taken a while to get to this point but it is finally towards the end thank God. The pictures that I am posting were taken today you will see the skin graft that is the right breast the other picture is the left breast.


17 weeks post op. The skin graph on the right breast took, I'm so happy. The left breast is still open. My surgeon wants it to heal a little more before he does a skin graph on that one.


Yesterday when I went and seen my surgeon I received wonderful news. On December 30 he is going to do the skin graft on the left breast. I am so excited that this journey is almost over. I have hope that the left breast will take because the The right breast was a success as far as the skin graft goes. He also informed me yesterday that he is going to do my implants at no cost to me in the future. He feels horrible for what all I have gone through it is just something that happened. He is a very reputable surgeon. I have been told this has not happened in many many years in his office. And unfortunately I just happened to be that one. Since day one of walking into this surgeons office I have been treated with respect from every staff member in his office and it continued and all the way until yesterday. One of my dear friends had a breast lift and implants done by this surgeon seven years ago with zero complications and to this day is very happy and pleased. I have not given the surgeons name because I do not want his business tarnished at all it is just something that happened to me. I wanted to share this exciting news with all of you thank you so much for all of your concern I really really appreciate it.

On 12-30-16

I will be having a skin graph done on my left breast. The skin graph on the right breast is healing nicely. Hopefully this will be my last repair surgery. This has been a long road I am grateful for my surgeon and his staff that have been there the whole way with me. They have been nothing but kind courteous and considerate in this whole situation. This is something that just happened to me and my surgeon is making sure that I am taking care of. Hopefully I will be able to get my implants six to eight months from now. Also I'm hoping for a tummy tuck or lipo.


My surgery went great now let's just pray that the skin graph takes. Then I'll be on my way to a full recovery. I am so grateful for my surgeon and his staff for being by my side throughout all of this. They have been wonderful kind courteous and considerate throughout all of this. My surgeons goal was to see me through this and for me to be happy and content when this is all said and done. He has kept his word and he has continued to be there for me on a weekly basis. Thank you everyone for all your concern and your prayers and your comments I really appreciate each and everyone of you and I look forward to reading them on a daily basis thank you.


On my way to recovery.


I am so excited this second skin graft took. I want everybody to know that this surgeon is a very reputable surgeon I would never ever want to slander his name or his reputation. He has informed me that he has done thousands of breast lift surgeries. I just happened to be one of the rare unfortunate ones that this happened to. He informed me that he has pulled the skin just as tight as he did with my surgery on other women. It just happened to me. For the first couple of months I was in his office three times a week then it went down to two Times a week. He kept a very very close eye on me throughout this whole ordeal. Not one time in the last five months did his self or any of his staff ever make me feel uncomfortable at any point whatsoever. He is a very kind considerate professional surgeon his staff is very kind considerate and professional as well. I do not regret having this surgery . He knows that I am not happy with the size of my breast sense this surgery he knows that I do want implants in the future. He informed me that he wants to do those breast implants for free of charge for me for what all I have gone through. I want to thank each and everyone of you for your comments and your concern they have helped get me through this whole process. Thank you to each and everyone of you.

April 2017



I am so excited, on June 7th. I am getting implants. Also on Aug. 4th I am having Liposuction suction on the stomach, love handles and back. Yes the same surgeon is doing these procedures that did my breast lift. I totally trust the surgeon he is a very reputable surgeon. I have a friend who works at another very reputable surgeon in Sacramento Who can get me a 30% discount. But I prefer to stick with the surgeon who did my lift. I will post pics later.


Today is the day I am getting my breast implants. I'm happy, scared and nervous. All different kinds of emotions going on right now. Most of all I am very very happy I am finally getting my implants. My surgery is scheduled for 1 PM today in two hours. I will be posting pics and updating in a couple days. Thank you everyone who has been positive and supportive through my journey I really appreciate all of you thank you.

1 hour post op



4 days post op since my implants. I am so excited and happy about my new breast. I am posting 3 photos, the first one is before any surgeries. The second one is after the lift. The third one is after the implants.

3 weeks postop

3 weeks Postop, I am extremely happy with my new implants. My surgeon was there every step of the way he took very very good care of me him and his staff throughout my whole ordeal. In the end I am very very happy with the implants that he did it at no cost whatsoever.
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