Don't Do Transplants! - Rosemont, IL

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I am one of those unlucky individuals who started...

I am one of those unlucky individuals who started balding at about age 19. This was back in the early 1970's when long, thick flowing hair was fashionable, and so, when I was about 23 years old, I decided to be an "early adopter" and try hair transplants.

After about a year of work, my hair looked somewhat passable. And that's really an exaggeration. It always had to combed "just right", and the slightest breeze would have me running for cover. Then, as I aged, the inevitable continuing loss of hair started to expose the graft areas. Also, the transplanted hair becomes thinner and less able to cover much of your scalp.

So, now in my 50's , I have a scarred oddly bald head, with no options other than to wear a hat or go the toupe route. Shaving my head would just expose the horrible scars. The point is, transplants are an extremely temporary and inadequate solution for male pattern baldness... it's a surgical procedure which is irreversible.

I know that the technical procedures have improved quite a bit from when I first had this surgery, but the scars and continuing hair loss remain the same. This is major cosmetic surgery, and any perceived improvement is relatively short lived. Don't do it!

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