38 Breast Lift & Tummy Tuck Mostly Disaster!! - Roodepoort, ZA

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I went for a breast lift and tummy tuck to a Dr...

I went for a breast lift and tummy tuck to a Dr (GP) my neighbor suggested first mistake! I felt really ill just after the op. At the 3rd day I thought I was dying and made my peace with God and asked for favors for my family. When I awoke the next day I was just so happy to be alive! I felt something was off but I had just had major surgery and thought it would just be part of the whole recovery. When at 2 weeks post op I saw the Dr and was still so ill we discovered I have necrosis in the tummy tuck wound. I was told to leave it and hopefully it will sort itself out. 6 Weeks check up he decided to do a debridement so took off all the black dead skin, but I was left with this whole. He told me to shower as normal the soap would clean it and just close with gauze and sipiroban. I felt this was strange so I started panicking and in desperation sought out other help the next day I found a wound care nurse who I had to see for 2 days a week every week for 6 months. These are photos of my journey!! I will not recommend going to anyone but a certified plastic surgeon as my dr never even called to check on me again, he basically washed his hands of me and left me forever scarred and ugly!! No don't feel sorry yet my story continues.... I will post on my progress since. When things go wrong keep going it will be ok.

Disaster, horrible not caring and abandoned!!

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