Tomorrow is the Big BA Day - Romania, RO

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Hi everyone. I'm freaking out...feel very weird...

Hi everyone.
I'm freaking out...feel very weird (afraid and excited in same time).
After long research finally I will have two beautiful ladies, can't wait to see the outcome!

I decide to go with size 450 cc high profile (my height is 5'8" & band size 30").

What concerns me the most is the anesthesia part (I'm very healthy and active person) hope nothing will go wrong...

2nd day after procedure ^_^

Hi everyone,
I'm feeling very good, procedure was normal, there was no need for freaking out since I don't remember anesthesia part...

Implants are Mentor,
I like the new look, hope they will have good shape and size after several months..

I was very satisfied from the treatment in the clinic, now I have normal pains in the chests and in the back...

2 weeks post op

Hi everyone,
I feel good after 2 weeks of the procedure, have very small pain in the right boob since she is still tight and up...
Also on the right boob I have small bleeding, soon will visit my surgeon so I hope everything will be fine.

6 Weeks After BA Might Have Second Surgery~

I'm not very happy to share this since I never believed something will go wrong.

After the BA, all the time I had difficulties with the breast on the right side. Three weeks after the procedure I had small hematoma and my surgeon clean it, before 1 week I had horrible pains I feel like the implant was moving, later I had 39 degrees temperature for more than 24 hrs and a yellow liquid drained out of the wound. After 48 hrs I went in Hospital because the liquid was still going out little by little...My surgeon is not in my city so I send him pictures of the breast and his comments were that I have Seroma and most likely the implant will be removed and after 3 months I will have another one. Monday I go for a check up and if its Seroma, Tuesday I will have the surgery.

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