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So after years of being on this site ive finally...

So after years of being on this site ive finally written some doctors anout getting my surgery. Ive written some where i live, some in miami and some in DR. Seems DR is cheaper and has better results but im a little afraid of planes, and dont wanna leave my babies for so long (4yo, 1yo)... Hoping to get this surgery before 26th birthday in Aug 2017, so hopefully July 2017.

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Although i think ill go with Dra. Almonte, she has less bad reviews.

Some Wish Pics

Just posting some wish pics of what im hoping to get for my hips and waist.

Having second thought...

I keep reading about women who died getting plastic surgery and even more who caught bacterial resistance infections in the DR. Makes me wonder is it worth the risk. There are tons of people who get the surgery and end up perfectly fine and happy. But how do i know i wont be one of those unlucky few... ughhhh

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Before Babies

A true wish pic...


Just gonna leave this here... do your research..

Wish pics

April hurry up already


Im 7 months early... but got some supplies today... perks of working in a hospital

The wait

nothing much to update on until closer to surgery day... i am extremely excited... but second guessing turning this into a family trip...

Baez or Medina

So after receiving horrible communication from almonte im undecided between barz and medina... they both seem to do great work but baez is cheaper and medina speaks fluent english... so yea idk

Officially a BaezBarbie


got some to raise my hgb
Dra. Fatima Almonte

Wont let me change but i went with Australia Baez

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