Happy... After the Pain of Laser Corrective Surgery

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I went into have eye surgery, and felt good about...

I went into have eye surgery, and felt good about my decision. When I saw the eye surgeon, he informed me that my corneas were too thin, so rather than the typical procedure, where they cut the cornea and flpa it over, in my case, he had to laser right through my cornea. He told me I'd have approximately 48 hours of "discomfort". He said it would "feel like sand in my eye".

Well, that was a much-too-nice way to put it. The pain lasted about 5 days, and the 1st 3 of those days were extremely painful inspite of how many vicodins I took! So, if pain is more than you can handle, then think twice. But now that I'm completely through it, I'm just fine.

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