38+3 Kids= Time for my Body Back!!! - Round Rock, TX

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Countdown to a TT, BBL and contouring Lipo!! ...

Countdown to a TT, BBL and contouring Lipo!! I've been wanting it done for a long time and just saving up money. I just started summer vacation and in August I start my last semester of nursing school!!! So consult, preop and surgery all within about 2 weeks! Eeek! Any advice for recovery, garments , tips...ANYTHING will be much appreciated!!! Before pics to come soon!

Before pics!

I wanted to wait until my "after" swim suit came in the mail. VS has 40% off all of them btw. Top straps are snug because of going with a smaller size anticipating my back fat will be lessened. And the bottom just looks tight because of the muffin top and 3 baby belly. Can't wait to take pics in this suit in about 4 months!! (Maybe 6 months?). I guess when the swelling goes down.

Yes, bathroom mirror needs some windex ;)

Doctor & staff review

Dr. Kerr is AWESOME! I've seen him twice so far with the initial consultation and the preop visit. He answered all my questions and made me feel super comfortable. The patient coordinator Vlasta is the BEST! Responds super quick and is as sweet as pie :)

Next visit is surgery! Yay! I didn't realize it until I logged onto here but it's in 11 DAYS!!

Wish pics ;)

I'm realistic and although my surgeon is one of the best around I know I'm not coming out of this surgery a VS model. But here's some wish pics of size and shape of my new and improved booty

New body in 6 hours!

I've been nesting all day, cleaning, laundry, groceries, getting ready for what seems like Christmas! Lol. I've been excited, happy, nervous, crying idk why. Nerves I guess . Tomorrow the crying will be from the pain ;)

I bought some after booty skirts. I've never been able to wear them before. My body looks backwards in them. Flat backside, rounded front. In 6 hours, all that changes. Flat front, round shapely bootay!!! ;) can't wait to post PO pics!

6 days post op !!

With pain being so subjective, I will not write about my pain experience. I have a low tolerance also. Being compliant is difficult for me bc I can not be on my back side not lay/sleep on my front either. Have a first generation memory foam bed that was hard to get out of before the TT now .,,,,WHOAAAA!!! After all that work to get out I'm ready for a nap. I've never had a c/s but I've worked with moms who have. They walk hunched over, it's hard to cough and sneeze do I need to splint. My tummy is still so tight right now that when I walk around, it's not long before the pain in my back gets so bad that I have to go lay back down . I still have 2drains in at both ends of my TT incision. My scar is very low (yay! You go Dr.Kerr!!!) and there was no lip done on tummy. Just repairing my diastasis recti? (Spelling) gave me a beautiful curved waistline!

1 week PO

Still swollen but thrilled with my new curves!

Other side ;)

Austin Plastic Surgeon

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