57 Yo with 28 Yo Polyurethane Silicone Implants -Bilateral Capsulectomy

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I just had my polyurethane coated silicone breast...

I just had my polyurethane coated silicone breast implants removed today. It was a bilateral capsulectomy. I got the implants 28 years ago when I was thin as a bean pole with barely A cups. My implants were small, a B cup. I've gained significant weight over the years and felt self conscious about my huge, high and perky breasts. I've also had pain around the top of one breast (the one with the worst scarring).

I removed the bra a padding and it's not as bad as I thought it would be. The implants held my tissue up, so my breasts are sagging but not mis-shappend. The are flat at the top with breast tissue at the bottom, if that makes sense. My original scars were around the nipple, but the implants were removed with a cut underneath the breast in the crease. I feel pretty good, just tired. I'm have some pain in the incision under one breast. I just joined the site today and wanted to share. I was hoping to find after surgery care. I'm happy with the decision so far.
Austin Plastic Surgeon

He was great. More later.

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